Tokyo Game Show 2018 Merch Mart Special Part 3

This is the third part of the Tokyo Game Show Merch Mart special. If you missed part one and two, check them out here, there is some really nice retro gaming stuff to have!

From September 20 to 23rd, the Matsuhara Messe in Tokyo becomes the epicenter of Asian gaming culture. We’ll actually be there with a booth and check out what future lies ahead for Japan’s gaming industry.

And just like last year, our favorite merch manufacturer Cospa has a great lineup of both current and retro gaming and anime shirts. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any interesting stuff that is announced during the show, but for now, we can offer you what Cospa will have available during the event. Pre-order deadline is September 28th for most items and release date is late November.

If you have any questions about the Japanese sizes, please check the size chart of each item and compare it with your home country’s size chart, for example here.  Or measure a fitting shirt of yours like this and compare it with the dimensions displayed.

Cowboy Bebop Double-sided Full Graphic T-shirt (JPN) US$ 44.99 pre
Cowboy Bebop Jet Black T-shirt Jacket Ver. (JPN) US$ 23.99 pre
Cowboy Bebop Sword Fish II T-shirt Indigo (JPN) US$ 23.99 pre
Cowboy Bebop Radical Edward T-Shirt California Orange (JPN) US$ 23.99 pre
Cowboy Bebop Zippered Hoodie Black  (JPN) US$ 48.99 pre
Cowboy Bebop Large Tote Bag Black (JPN) US$ 16.99 pre
Cowboy Bebop – Ein Shoulder Tote Bag Natural (JPN) US$ 17.99 pre
Cowboy Bebop – Spike Spiegel Waterproof Sticker Jacket Ver. (JPN) US$ 6.99 pre
Cowboy Bebop – Ed Waterproof Sticker (JPN) US$ 6.99 pre

FLCL Mamimi T-shirt Black  (JPN) US$ 23.99 pre
FLCL Canti Pullover Hoodie Black  (JPN) US$ 46.99 pre
FLCL Sleeve Rib Long Sleeve T-shirt Black (JPN) US$ 32.99 pre
FLCL Sleeve Rib Long Sleeve T-shirt Purple  (JPN) US$ 32.99 pre
Fooly Cooly – FLCL Haruko T-shirt White  (JPN) US$ 23.99 pre
Fooly Cooly – FLCL Haruko T-shirt Canary Yellow  (JPN) US$ 23.99 pre
Fooly Cooly – Haruko’s Vespa T-shirt Black (JPN) US$ 23.99 pre

Playstation – Future Of Play T-shirt White  (JPN) US$ 23.99 pre
PlayStation Ver.2 1st Gen. T-shirt  (JPN) US$ 23.99 pre
Playstation – Player Dry T-shirt Black  (JPN) US$ 26.99 pre
PlayStation – Sleeve Rib Long Sleeve T-shirt Black  (JPN) US$ 31.99 pre
PlayStation Pullover Hoodie Shapes Black  (JPN) US$ 44.99 pre
PlayStation Sweat Shirt 1st Gen. Black  (JPN) US$ 39.99 pre
PlayStation Hooded Windbreaker Black x White  (JPN) US$ 38.99 pre
PlayStation M-51 Jacket Embroidered PSX Logo Black (JPN) US$ 97.99 pre
1st Generation PlayStation Embroidered Cap (JPN) US$ 28.99 pre
Playstation 1st Generation – Book Style Smartphone Case 138 (JPN) US$ 29.99 pre
Playstation 1st Generation – Book Style Smartphone Case 148 (JPN) US$ 31.99 pre
Playstation 1st Generation – Book Style Smartphone Case 158 (JPN) US$ 32.99 pre
PlayStation – Dualshock (R) 4 Musette Bag (JPN) US$ 17.99 pre
PlayStation Musette Bag Natural (JPN) US$ 11.99 pre
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