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Hooray! The TGS is almost here, and in addition to new wonders for consoles, hundreds of mobile games will be also announced. Fill your iOS or Android device with a brand new magic that will let you explore vast kingdoms in search of the mystical Crystal, help the yokai to restore the balance of our planet, or meet the guy of your dreams in Tokyo. You can do all of this (and much more) everywhere with your mobile devices. Thanks to the Japanese iTunes and Google Play Instant Digital Cards new exciting adventures are at hand, don’t miss them!

Fantasy Earth Genesis – Release Date: September 27

Based on the PC MMORPG Fantasy Earth Zero originally released in 2006; Fantasy Earth Genesis brings all the excitement and the strategic action of it on mobile devices! For many years the world witnessed an endless war who sees the three biggest realms competing for the possession of the mystical Crystal! With its power over natural phenomena, this elemental relic is essential to win the conflict, and gain the supremacy over all continents.
In Fantasy Earth Genesis for iOS and Android, you’ll have the greatest opportunity to fight against 99 other players located in the four corners of the Earth. In this 50vs50 PvP wargame, you must march over unexplored territories, build your own fortresses, and use your own motley crew of warriors, monks, knights, wizards, archers and mythical beasts to defeat your opponents, and eventually get the Crystal in your hands. With more victories will come more experience and reputation. Let grow your army as much as you can to obtain even more precious and rare rewards.
Bringing pure tactical fun; the upcoming Fantasy Earth Genesis for iOS and Android is the biggest, baddest & best strategy action game for mobile.
Defend your territories while you conquer many other ones in this global battle royal where reality meets fantasy!

Tokyo Conception – Release Date: Mid-October

The Ayakashi is a specific group of yokai which normally appear on the surface of the water. Haunting the boundary between the seas and the air; in Japanese traditional culture there are many tales in which they are the undisputed superstars. Legends like “The strange lights of Ayakashi“, “The boat ghosts” or “The oily sea serpent” are still popular at these times, making them some of the most portrayed yokai of Japanese folklore.
Obviously also the game industry has exploited the supernatural dimension of the yokai, and the publisher United has dedicated its latest game to Ayakashi: Tokyo Conception for iOS and Android! Set in a contemporary Tokyo, this stylish yokai RPG sees a young boy called Sosuke to start a quest to recover his lost childhood friend. During the adventure, he soon discovers that the reality around him has been completely changed in a very mysterious way. Helped by an Ayakashi yokai named Tamamo, Sosuke will find himself in the middle of a macabre story in which future lifestyle and traditional horror are incredibly fused in a single dimension.
Enter in the utopian world of Tokyo Conception anytime, anywhere…the final battle for the control of humanity’s destiny is about to begin…

VR Kareshi – Release Date: Coming Soon

You know the game industry is full of bishōjo games for almost every system appeared on the market, but ironically the percentage drops considerably if we search for a bishōnen game. Strongly connected with the shojo-manga series in this genre the player (which is normally a teenage girl or a young woman) must develop a romantic relationship with a male character. Well, if you ever desired to know the guy of your dreams you should keep your eyes open for the upcoming VR Kareshi for iOS and Android. Exploiting the virtual reality, in this dating simulation, you can create the perfect boyfriend customizing everything of him; body, hair, skin; muscle mass, and obviously the outfit! Set in the friendly Café Harukaze; this is for sure one of the most immersive love games you’ve never played on a mobile device. Featuring the voices of Shotaro Morikubo (Naruto; Mega Man X; Persona4), Chihiro Suzuki (Tales of the Abyss; Super Robot Taisen UX; Kill la Kill), and Yoshimasa Hosoya (Boku no Hero Academia: One’s Justice; Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; Warriors Orochi 4) in VR Kareshi for iOS and Android you must improve your relation and charming skills to steal his heart.
Your true love story is just one word away…don’t miss the chance!

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