Thunder Force IV for Switch – It’s alright, you’ve been Thunderstruck!

Thunder Force IV

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Shoot, shoot, shoot….’em up

Designed and developed by the Galaxy Federation to face the evil ORN Empire; the Fire LEO-04 “Rynex” is the newest generation of spaceships. Capable to cross the tight defense system of the Empire, they implement the latest technology. Built to be the most lethal spaceship ever, its unique ability to gather, analyze, and share important information over the enemies enabling the pilots to accomplish their missions and come back home safe. Armed with an enhanced CLAW control system, it can use five upgradable types of shootings (Twin Shot, Back Shot, Snake, Free Way, and Hunter) good to maximize its strength at 360-degrees. The “Rynex” can cruise in sideral space at a speed of about 970 mph; this spaceship can detect and destroy specific targets within a group with numerous enemies both in space and on the planets’ surface.

As part of the Thunder Force Project; which is started in 1983 exclusively on Japanese PC like Sharp X1, NEC PC-88, and Fujitsu FM 7; Thunder Force is a hugely addictive and hardcore series of shoot ’em ups that revolutionized the whole genre. Developed by Tecno Soft; it’s composed of 6 episodes which have been appeared on all the most important game machines until the sixth generation. Globally praised for its non-stopping gameplay, beautiful graphics, and astonishing soundtrack, the series grows in popularity year after year. But it’s only with the fourth episode that it turned into a pop-phenomenon!

Getting many overwhelmingly positive reviews on the most important magazines of the 90s both in Japan and abroad. Released in 1992 on Sega Mega Drive; finally, even the new generations of gamers can enjoy one of the greatest shoots ’em up of all time because Thunder Force IV is arriving on Switch! Continuing the eternal conflict between the Galaxy Federation and the ORN Empire, the events told in this chapter taking place soon after the ones occurred in Thunder Force III. The Vios is a new army composed of allies and members of the Empire, secretly located on the planet Aceria, this group of survivors began to increase in numbers and in firepower very quickly. Initially defeated the Federation send toward its headquarter the brand new Fire LEO-04 “Rynex”; the only spaceship who can eradicate the Vios.

Empowered to push the Mega Drive to its limit; Thunder Force IV brings all its glory also on Switch! Shoot your way among 10 loooong levels of jawbreaking blast filled with titanic alien creatures and very different kind of environments. Indeed in this crusade for the freedom, you will fly over the hot desert of Daser to dive into the darkest abyss of Aquaria passing through the Giger-inspired Bio-base. Inheriting the greatest adrenaline pumping gameplay & a voluminous amount of weapons and bullets; Thunder Force IV for Switch is the game for you if you are sick of the gimmick-filled games and is dying to have some traditional shooting fun!

For an insanely ridiculous amount of money (ONLY 999JPY) you can bring at home a true gem of galactic proportions! Pilot your craft, shoot your enemy planes off the sky and bring an end to all wars with your powerful cannon blasts.
Let the new digital-only version of Thunder Force IV for Switch hit you with its full thundery power!


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