Media Molecule “Dreams” Reveals “Dreams Universe” as its Japanese Title

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Dreams Universe

PlayStation 4™ – Japan

Japanese gamers, have you ever thought of possessing a power to magically turn anything in your imagination to reality? If you have, get ready for your most-awaited dreamy and cloudy adventure in the world of Dreams Universe!

Developer Media Molecule confirmed that their upcoming adventure game, Dreams, is also heading to Japan. The developer announced that the Japanese version of the game will be titled as “Dreams Universe.”

You can check out the Japanese trailer below for Dreams Universe.


Hop into your seats, turn that PS4 consoles on, and be ready to escape into the imagination of your mind. Take the journey to launch into a fantastic, magical, seamless and open-ended space of creativity and endless possibilities in Dreams Universe.

Dreams Universe, or also known as Dreams in the west, appears to build on its developer ideology of the “play, create, share” of its previous work, LittleBigPlanet series, that lets you build your own levels. However, Dreams Universe’s objective is much bigger. Instead of linking altogether the crafty levels you made, it allows you to freely create anything you can imagine using the in-game tools. Remember, here in dreams, if you can imagine it, you can create it. Are you already picturing it all out how fun is it going to be by just reading that line?

Yes, you can build anything you want. May it be a city full of bright colors, a dehydrated desert, a skeleton T-Rex brought to life or a universe with cat faces planets. You can build impossible bizarre creations like a small 3D painting of a vase filled with blooming flowers or as huge as an entire adventure game with its own set of cast, soundtrack, and dialogue. The best part is that the game also enables you to upload everything you created for other people to play, or to utilize it in their own Dreams productions.

The game will have three twisted stories but will focus on a man named Art, together with the people in his dreams known as Francis and Foxy. These two are the playable characters in this game each possessing different qualities. You can play in their dreams and explore as much as you can.

Release Date

As of the moment, there’s still no official release date for the game. But the Japanese version of the game is already here on our website, however, it is still not open for pre-orders. So, stay tuned!


Also, the Europe version of the game is now open for pre-order! So, if you want to reserve your copies now, you can place your orders here at Playasia.


Community Feedback


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  • Art’s dream – Explore Dreams’ story mode Jump into the very different worlds of Art, D-Bug, Frances, Foxy, and Lancewing, as Dreams’ story mode unfolds before you
  • Dream Shaping creating an environment – Find out how quick and easy it is to design a beautiful and explorable landscape
  • Dream Shaping creating a level – Bring your brilliant video game ideas to life in no time at all, with Dreams’ speedy and intuitive design tools


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