Chestbursters don’t dare to rip through this! Torch Torch Alien shirts available now!

Ridley Scott’s Alien from 1979 changed the face of science fiction and horror movies forever. It elevated Sigourney Weaver into the higher actor list, made John Hurt forever associated with an exploding stomach and spawned a million rip-offs. What might not be so well known is that the alien was designed to look slightly different than what we are familiar with today. Instead of a carapace-like front of its head, the original suit had the upper half of a human skull behind a transparent dome. It just happened that the suit got very hot, which made the actor wearing it fuming with sweat. That then made the transparent part fog up so much that you could not see anything beneath and thus the alien as we know it today was born. Not of a bursting chest, but a sweat and suffering.

In these t-shirts from Torch Torch, you can see that original concept of the skull, plus “The 8thpassenger” was a common subtitle outside the USA. Which sets this tee apart from your average Alien shirt and gives it a second layer of cinephile inside knowledge. And it looks damn cool. Pre-orders are until October 30th, release date is in December

Torch Torch – Alien The 8th Passenger T-shirt White  (JPN)US$ 38.99 pre
Torch Torch – Alien The 8th Passenger T-shirt Heather Gray  (JPN)US$ 38.99 pre
Torch Torch – Alien The 8th Passenger T-shirt Black (JPN)US$ 38.99 pre

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