Wild Arms: Million Memories – True Japan-style western on iOS and Android!

Wild Arms: Million Memories

iOS, Android Ι Genre: wild weird western JRPG

(Almost) everyone know the subgenre of “Spaghetti Western”. For the few ones who don’t know anything about it, a brief introduction is compulsory. Originally coined by the Spanish journalist Alfonso Sánchez; this term denotes a specific field of the Western movies directed by Italian directors. Filmed in Italy or in Spain, the Spaghetti Western movies were very popular during the 60s. Even if they are low-budget products, titles like “A Fistful of Dollars“, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” and the long “Django” series became part of the collective imagination. Especially in these last years, they’ve grown hugely in popularity mainly thanks to Quentin Tarantino. Indeed both “Django Unchained” and “The Hateful Eight” are two of the best examples of modern Spaghetti-Western movies.

Anyway, the influence of this genre doesn’t stop in the US. In fact, it reached also the Land of the Rising Sun inspiring many movies, anime, and obviously video games. For example, the 1985 movie “Tanpopo” directed by Juzo Itami is globally renowned as the first Ramen-Western movie, bringing all the characteristics of the original Italian movies mixing them with some special Japanese ingredients to churn out something very unique! Other than the above-mentioned one, there are many others Ramen-Western opuses such as Takashi Miike’s “Sukiyaki Western Django“, and above all the video game series “Wild Arms“!

Released in December 1996 for PlayStation; the first chapter of this long-running series of Action-JRPG mixed in a very great way Ramen-Western, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Steampunk features generating a brand new style of adventures. Set on the remote planet of Filgaia; the Wild Arms series is a modern classic in the crowded world of the JRPGs. So far, there are seven episodes and all of them sold very well due to their unique stories which have been acclaimed both by critic and gamers. Luckily 11 years after the last episode, the series is ready to return on iOS and Android devices with Wild Arms: Million Memories! After travelled among the universe destroying every planet on her path; Mother, the queen of the metal demons species, reached Filgaia carrying death and destruction on the whole planet. To prevent the total annihilation; Rudy Roughknight & Cecilia Adlehyde from Wild Arms, Ashley Winchester from Wild Arms 2, Virginia Maxwell from Wild Arms 3, Jude Maverick from Wild Arms 4, Dean Stark from Wild Arms 5, and Clarissa Arwin from Wild Arms XF joined their force to fight the last battle against this race of evil living metal’s creatures!

Follow a mature story of political intrigue and social decay while you take part in some of the greatest battles in all series. In Wild Arms: Million Memories for iOS and Android you will be called to join this party of young and brave travelers to unlock the mysteries of Mother; this final struggle will decide the fate of all mankind. Enter the wild-weird-western world of this game with your mobile device; shocking truths and unexpected turn of events await you!

Wild Arms: Million Memories for iOS and Android will take the series to the next level through a beautiful and heart-stopping adventure; finally the wild Ramen-Western genre comes alive again!


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