Total War: Warhammer Dark Gods Edition for Steam – Daemons ahead!

Total War: Warhammer – Dark Gods Edition

Steam Ι Genre: Fantasy Strategy Game

From the dark lands of the Realm of Chaos, the Daemons live, flourish, and battle to dominate on all over the other species of the world. Divided in four main regions – Realm of the Sorcerer; The Blood God’s Domains; Land of the Plaguelord; Dark Prince’s Realm – constantly in battle between them, this continent of dreams and nightmares is ruled by the extremely powerful Chaos Gods; an ancient race which power is based on the darkest emotions of all the creatures who live in the whole world.

Like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, they aim to bring everywhere plague and pestilence for their own purposes. Ancient chronicles describe the four Chaos Gods in detail. Luckily, after many kinds of research; we could discover their names and characteristics translating an ancient and apparently long-forgotten fragment of the Liber Malefic.
As listed by the famous Marius Hollseher, a fervent Chaos Hunter protected by the God Sigmar Heldenhammer who often had visions of the Realm of Chaos, they are:

  • Khorne, the blood God. Patron of anger, violence, and carnage; every act of violence gives him power.
  • Tzeentch, the changer of ways. He’s associated with every form of Magic.
  • Slaanesh, the Dark Prince. His worshippers are hallmarked by desire, greed, lust, and self-indulgence.
  • Nurgle, the Plague Lord. He’s the supreme god of the three “D”: decay, disease, and death.

Their presence in the Warhammer world since the year -15000; when the Old Ones arrive on Lustria; marked the beginning of an eternal conflict between light and darkness. Sieged by the bloodthirsty forces of Chaos to prevent the destruction of their cities, an assembly of High Elves gathered together to create a magically powerful vortex. Considered as the ultimate desperate effort to send back these maleficent hordes into their dimension; the High Elves underestimated the amount of power required to spell a stable passage. Due to vortex’s instability, new races have started to travel between the worlds using this arcane portal.
Finally, you can set things right or condemn the world to ruin with Total War: Warhammer – Dark Gods Edition – for Steam!

Delve yourself once again in the fantasy universe of Warhammer with the new & epically out-of-this-world version of the worldwide acclaimed Total War: Warhammer! New races such as the knightly order of Bretonnia; second only in size and military power to the Kingdom of Men; which culture is based on the ideals of nobility, social birthright, valor, and trust in their fair deity known as the Lady of the Lake; the savage berserkers of Norsca, devoted to the Gods of Chaos. They live and battle following a harsh way of life in which only the strongest can survive, their mythology is based on ancient tales of heroes and kings; commemorated through sacred monoliths built by the merciless Chaos Dwarfs. But, if you’re worthy enough you can get the favor of the Chaos Gods you can the unique opportunity to command the Chaos Warriors army. Powerful, fully armed, and provided of great magical skills; they’re living weapons which the only objective is to destroy everything on their path. Practically unstoppable; this horde of hellish warriors can easily shaking in fear even the most skilled elite forces of the four corners of the world! These new entries added to the traditional Men, Greenskins, Vampire Counts, and Dwarfs races will give you hundreds of hours of totally immersive gameplay.

Learn the fine art of warfare with Total War: Warhammer – Dark Gods Edition – for Steam. Do your part in landshaking epic battles, impressive landscapes, towering mountains, wide forests,  dark dungeons, a multitude of armies and heroes, all seasoned with the deep strategy battle system of the series!
This game does not only to grant you the best gaming experience possible but also to bring a high wind of fresh air for the whole both in Warhammer and strategy games’ universes!

Choose your race, forge alliances, and battle for the power and the glory with the brand new Total War: Warhammer – Dark Gods Edition – for Steam!


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