With Kairosoft titles, a universe of businesses welcomes you on Switch!

Founded in 1996 the dōjin (a.k.a. Indie) developer Kairosoft is one of the most important companies in the crowded field of simulation games for mobiles and computers. Founded by Kazuyuki Usui; this small but fierce company has released more than 40 games for Softbank, DoCoMo, Android, iOS, and PC; becoming in 2012 one of the “top 50 developers” for Pocket Gamer.
Today, Kairosoft moved further releasing three of its most popular IPs on Nintendo Switch; sit down, relax, and prepare to enjoy the most original business simulations ever appeared on the latest console made in big N!

Game Dev Story

You’ve played with hundreds of games; saving princesses from many different kingdoms and restoring peace on distant worlds…now you’ve grown up and you’ve decided to make true your dream: open your game studio! But do you know how to start the business and make it even more profitable? Discover it with Game Dev Story for Switch!

We’re sure that you have a lot of winning ideas! You will need a team of highly skilled people to develop them in the very best way…but that’s not all! The adventure starts in a tiny room with a few friends who share the same dream: the best video game creators on Earth. To do it, you will 20 years at your disposal and during this time you must work very hard to change your indie studio into a game powerhouse. Every detail must be carefully analyzed; from the staff, you’ve hired to the ads of your new creation. Like in the real life also in Game Dev Story for Switch the reputation is (almost) all; let increase it exploiting your business sense, and it’ll unlock the doors to the glory…and to the money 😉

Once you’ve decided which genre you want to exploit, check with the colleagues how feasible are your ideas. They own the keys to success, so if you treat them well they’ll be more and more motivated to create the best title in terms of fun, creativity, graphics, and sound. Nobody wants a mediocre staff so if you release great games you will be also able to hire living legends such as Gilly Bates or Shigeto Minamoto!

Are you ready for this new quest in the gaming industry? Build and keep astonished your fan base with Game Dev Story for Switch. Thanks to its deep gameplay mechanics, its addictive aspects, and its wonderful art-style; this is the most loving tribute to the gaming history!

Dungeon Village

Recently your hometown is under a constant attack from hordes of monsters who live in the dungeons under it. Since you were only a child the village elders told you many stories about it and the creatures who live in there. While for some villagers they were true, for some other they were only silly stories…until today! Grown believing in these tales and trained hard in the fine art of fencing; you’re now the only hope for your beautiful village surrounded by nature and lately surrounded by monsters too.

In Dungeon Village for Switch, you’re ready to save the day again; keep the people safe killing monsters, and finding many precious treasures that will allow you to expand the town and attract even more adventurers to join your cause. Like a fantasy-themed version of SimCity in this legendary town simulation game, you have the chance to build an epic city in an accessible, visually immersive, fast-paced, action-packed style! Head out to hunt down hundreds of bizarre creatures while you head out to explore long-lost dungeons, the choice is only yours in this new immersive adventure.

Like Game Dev Story also Dungeon Village is the perfect title if you want to pass dozens of sleepless nights with your faithful Switch! Expand your hometown, attract even more heroes, and get attention and fame as the one and only paradise for all the monster hunters scattered all over the world!

Hot Springs Story

Wonderful job! Your recent games are now entered in the legend and your hometown is filled with wannabe heroes who just want to wield their swords against hordes of monsters…and now? Well, now it’s time to relax at an Onsen! In Hot Springs Story for Switch, you’ll be called to manage a hot spring resort located in the Japanese Alps. Push your instinct for the business to the max, and try to change your resort into a globally renowned Onsen heaven. Listen carefully and implement the suggestion of your guests; in this way they will feel more than welcome talking about you with their circle of friends; this will increase your popularity and probably make you very rich!

Even if you’re a beginner or an Onsen connoisseur; the hotel of Hot Springs Story for Switch will provide you a wide selection of side-activities that can make the holidays of your customers the best ones of their lives. Provide both traditional tatami or western rooms, hire top chefs, and above all impress the guidebook writers to be inserted in the most popular guidebooks both in Japan and abroad. All of this plus a pinch of luck will help you to boost your activity unimaginably.

The relaxing vibe is the result of hours of hard-working behind the scenes; in this simulation game the options are so varied that there’s always something to suit every fantasy, the choice is only yours.
So don’t wait anymore, it’s time to create the most imaginative and relaxing Onsen hotel on the planet!

With so many things to do, Kairosoft games are truly eternal!
Start and expand your activities now; test your intuition and skills in the tough world of business. All you need to have is a brilliant mind, a Nintendo Switch, and an Instant Nintendo eShop Digital Card!


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