Become the Scoot Legend in the Colorful World of Crayola Scoot

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Crayola Scoot

PlayStation 4™, Xbox One™ & Nintendo™ Switch – US, EU & AU

The Battle for the Crayola Cup is on!

The game publisher that is well-known for family-friendly games, Outright Games, is releasing a game that suitable for children of all ages. In a new partnership with Crayola, Outright Games presents Crayola Scoot! Crayola Scoot is a four-player mishmash game combining the elements of Splatoon and Tony Hawk games with a Jet Set Radio look.

Are you ready for the battle for the Crayola Color Cup? Oh, you better be ready because it’s on! And, guess what? The North American version of this game is NOW AVAILABLE. Yes, that’s right! The release date for the North American version is today. Click the button below to grab your copies right now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


Meanwhile, for the European and Australia versions, please wait for your respective release dates. Both of these versions are coming this October 26 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Here at Playasia, it’s available for pre-order. Click the button below to pre-order the Europe and Australia version!


Prior to E3 2018, Outright Games and Crayola have announced this game. According to the CEO of Outright Games, Terry Malham said that “this is an imaginative and colorful game that is filled with surprises.” Meanwhile, the Vice President of Business Development and Global Licensing of Crayola, Warren Schorr said “Crayola Scoot brings our mission to life in an entirely new space. We are very excited and proud to be part of expanding the brand mission beyond the page and into the interactive space.” (Thanks, Bleeding Cool!) So, what kind of game is this Crayola Scoot? Folks, let’s find it out below.

The battle for the Crayola Color Cup is on the line. Are you ready to beat your opponents? To be the champion for Crayola Color Cup, you must defeat the Scoot Legends in a rainbow of team or solo event like Splatter Tag, Trick Run and the well-known classic game of S.C.O.O.T. Play with your friends up to four players in a split-screen color clash!

Create your own Crayola Scoot character and customize it to set forth on a journey to become a scooter legend. Of course, to become a legend, memorable tricks will be the remark of you. You can perform insane tricks and splash your color. With these, you can activate some traps, boosts, and shortcuts. Upgrade your scooter and your Crayola rider on your preferred style to raise the popularity and challenge the champions in the championship match.

Get ready to become the Scoot Legend in Crayola Scoot. Grab your copies for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch now only here at Playasia!



  • Create your own Crayola Scoot character and start your journey to becoming scooter legend
  • Perform insane tricks and jumps to splash your color and activate traps, boosts and shortcuts
  • Upgrade your scooter and your rider’s style as you rise to fame and challenge for the championship
  • Keep it fresh with 6 team and solo events including Color Frenzy, Crazy Crayon, Splatter Tag. S.C.O.O.T and Trick Run
  • Challenge the outrageous Scoot Legends for the Crayola Color Cup on 12 parks across 3 worlds
  • Splat your friends in 4-player split-screen battles


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