Get a 16-Bit Retro Shock With This Mega Drive Merch!

Power 1: Advanced graphical processing techniques – Visual shock!

Power 2: 16-bit power – Speed shock!

Power 3: FM + PSG + PCM sound – Sound shock!

Power 4: T-shirt + hoodie + jersey – Merch shock!

If you have any questions about the Japanese sizes, please check the size chart of each item and compare it with your home country’s size chart, for example here.  Or measure a fitting shirt of yours like this and compare it with the dimensions displayed.

Mega Drive 3 Shock T-shirt White (M Size) (JPN) US$ 23.99 pre
Mega Drive 3 “Shock” Zipper Hoodie Black (M Size) (JPN) US$ 38.99 pre
Mega Drive 16-Bit Jersey Black × Gold (M Size) (JPN) US$ 49.99 pre
Mega Drive Reflector Print T-shirt Black (JPN) US$ 23.99 pre
Mega Drive Dry T-shirt Black (JPN) US$ 26.99 pre
Mega Drive 2way Backpack Black (JPN) US$ 31.99 pre
Mega Drive Full Graphic Large Tote Bag (JPN) US$ 29.99 24h

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