PS4 Exclusive Omen of Sorrow Delayed Until November 20 in the US

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Omen of Sorrow

PlayStation 4™ – US & EU

Soedesco and AOne Games‘ upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive fighting game, Omen of Sorrow, has been delayed from its previously planned November 6 release date to November 20 in North America.

The video game publisher reported that they have to push back Omen of Sorrow’s release date due to an unexpected and significant increase in the factory lead time for local production.

Worry not though European gamers, Omen of Sorrow European physical release will still launch on November 6 as originally planned.

Both regions are open for pre-order here at Will you be picking up this game? Reserve your copies now!


You can watch the trailers below.


Clear your mind, clench your fists and get ready for a wicked battle. Omen of Sorrow delivers a deep fighting system inspired by the classics, bringing back the edge, mindset and philosophy rooted in the genre’s arcade legacy and taking it to the next level with innovative features and mechanics. Engage in combat as one of twelve legendary characters such as the werewolf, vampire and succubus. Join the battle, conquer darkness.


Join the battle and conquer the darkness.

Omen of Sorrow is a classic 2D, four-button fighting game. It features 12 perfectly designed legendary creatures inspired by classic horror, fantasy, and mythology. More specifically, these creatures take inspiration from gloomy European myths, such as a vampire, succubus, and werewolf.

Furthermore, the game offers stunning Unreal Engine-4 powered graphics. The battle system is built from square one to leverage player skill, guaranteeing a satisfying experience for pros and newcomers alike.

Share the same physical room with your friends and fight in the Local Multiplayer of the game. Or you can also play with various players around the globe in the online multiplayer. This will be a flawless experience for you and your colleagues as Omen of Sorrow is equipped with a rollback (GGPO). If you’re not familiar with it, GPPO is a middleware that uses a netcode technique called rollback that will provide players with a near-lagless online experience.

For more information about the game, you can check out the features and the gallery below.


  • Revel in the perfect design inspired by age-old European myths and legends
  • Choose among 12 iconic dark characters, each with unique abilities
  • Engage in epic boss fights in a superb single player mode
  • Enjoy a flawless online and local multiplayer experience
  • Feast your eyes on outstanding Unreal Engine 4 powered graphics


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