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The One We Found

Xbox™One Ι Genre: FPSurvival Horror

Dear guest, welcome to the Whisperwood Residence.
Situated in the far North East part of the country, in a beautiful and quiet area, the Whisperwood Residence is the best choice for all those gifted people who need a solution to all their needs. Our friendly atmosphere and passion for care contributes to personal independence, choices, dignity and respect four our special residents. Providing a full activity calendar we ensure that each day is filled with meaning and comfort; without forgetting the important support services like medication and assistance which are provided 24 hours a day by our highly trained staff.
At Whisperwood Residence you can be assured that your loved ones will reside in a clean and comfortable community with all the daily chores tended to in a personalized manner.
We welcome your phone call to discuss how we can meet your needs or better yet to schedule a tour.
Whisperwood Residence: you’ve come to the right place!

This promising leaflet has been found on the floor of the now abandoned Whisperwood Mental Institution; located in the Irish countryside not far from the picturesque village of Kinvara. Shut down during the 70s due to staff and patient disappearances, as well as intolerable living conditions. For many decades this asylum has been filled with deranged people who were harmless compared to the twisted reality in which they were locked up. But between a bunch of evil doctors and nurses; there was a kind, young psychotherapist called James Ledgewick. He fought against the system to improve the conditions of the Whisperwood’s patients. Many books told his story, but there’s only one way to relive directly what he had experienced: The One We Found for XB1.

The story starts on a foggy day when he dares to enter in a recently a un-earthed cave network to discover what hides under the foundation of the facility. This exclusive FPSurvival Horror Adventure for XB1; will let you explore hundreds of miles filled with many recreational amenities to put your mind at ease. Going deeper underground, you’ll discover some of the scariest long-forgotten secrets who haunt both patients and workers of the Whisperwood Mental Institution. In the past; many people have been forced to serve as guinea-pigs for cruel and unusual experiments being performed by the medical staff, and not all these beings have been a failure. Indeed, something weird is hiding in the tunnels waiting for a large meal of human flesh…

Elaborately conceived, in The One We Found for XB1 you’ll wander around a grandly constructed asylum both above and below. In an (almost) totally darkness; you’re trapped in a large and wide pathway that will lead yourself to more blood, more intensity, and a completely insane experience. Choose the best path and see what will be your destiny. But we must warn you that if you aren’t brave and determined you risk being lost in the abyss of Whisperwood. Open secret doors, and find useful items; these and your brilliant mind will help you to don’t be only a careless visitor who has wandered too far!

After many years, the facility has re-opened and is accepting new patients! Walk through its dark corridors, while you meet & shoot at dozens of terrifying monsters who want only to greet you personally.
Check in right here & right now. With The One We Found for XB1, you have nothing to lose but your mind!


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