Survive Raccoon City With This Reversible Leon/ Claire Jacket and Other RE:2 Gear!

Next year’s Resident Evil 2 remake looks like it will leave some player’s pants pooped. And while we can’t help out with any official Play-Asia emergency underwear (yet!), we can at least offer you some pretty neat jackets and t-shirts. Specifically the reversible R.P.D./ Claire Redfield jacket by that is limited to a local Japan release only. But of course, there is also Capcom’s own merch of which we have a few pieces left for pre-order. So always remember the wise words of Leon S. Kennedy: “Hey, it’s up to us to take out Umbrella!”

Resident Evil 2 – R.P.D./ Made in Heaven Reversible Jacket  (JPN) US$ 234.99 pre
Resident Evil – CWU-45/P R.P.D. (L Size) (JPN) US$ 214.99 24h
Resident Evil – Leon Bomber Jacket – Name Patch Ver.  (JPN) US$ 213.99 pre
Resident Evil 5 BSAA Chris Redfield T-shirt (M Size) (JPN) US$ 31.99 24h
Resident Evil 5 Albert Wesker T-shirt (M Size) (JPN) US$ 31.99 24h
Biohazard 7 Title Logo T-Shirt Black (S Size) (JPN) US$ 23.99 24h
Resident Evil Re:2 T-shirt – R.P.D.  (JPN) US$ 35.99 pre
Resident Evil Re:2 T-shirt – Made In Heaven (JPN) US$ 28.99 pre
Resident Evil Re:2 Cap – R.P.D. (JPN) US$ 28.99 pre
Resident Evil Re:2 Big Size Mug Cup – R.P.D. (JPN) US$ 21.99 pre
Resident Evil Re:2 Big Size Mug Cup – Made In Heaven (JPN) US$ 21.99 pre
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