Enter the myth with Full Metal Furies for Nintendo Switch!

Full Metal Furies

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Co-op Brawler

From the Greek word Τιτανομαχία, the term Titanomachy described a mythological ten-year war in which the Titans fought against the Olympians for the domination of the whole universe.
As a very popular topic during the Classical Age, the first document who described the conflict is the now lost epic poem entitled “Titanomachy”.
Written by the semi-legendary poet Eumelus of Corinth during the 7
th Century BC; this tale, Set in the timeless grandeur of Greek mythology, tells how Zeus faced his father Cronus, and his army of Titans to overthrow him, and become the new ruling deity. Since its original appearance, this story of struggle & glory has been portrayed in many other media. For example, Hercules, Clash of the Titans, and obviously in the God of War series. These and many other opuses made the Greek Mythology one of the most popular global cultural movements since more than 2000 years.

Even the great developers of Cellar Door Games had been fascinated by this myth, and luckily for us their Titanomachy Co-op brawler Full Metal Furies will be playable from today also on Nintendo Switch. Previously released for Xbox One, in this digital-only game you are enlisted into the F.A.T. (Freedom Against Titan) army, a bunch of unconventional heroes which main mission; as you probably already figured out; is to set free our planet from the yoke of a terrible tyranny pursued by the new generation of merciless titans!

Starring Meg the Sniper, Alex the Fighter, Triss the Tank, Wein the Nerd…and you; since the firsts seconds of play in Full Metal Furies for Switch you’ll learn a very important lesson; teamwork makes the dream work! Featuring a state of the pixel art style and a non-stopping hyper-fast paced gameplay system, you and your allies must pave your way fighting against a slew of hellish minions, and evil-minded larger than screen titans.

Travel far and wide across the planet to fry that scum over cities, mountains, lakes, and swamps both alone or with your friends to unleash the ultimate 4-player pandemonium! Blast into action while you experiment a brand new type of war! Yes, because Full Metal Furies for Nintendo Switch doesn’t challenge only your thumbs with hot shooting sessions, but also your mind offering you some intricated puzzles who grant you the access to mysterious rewards including new skills, abilities, and weapons of course!

With a story overflowing with modern epicness and classical references; this is literally an instant classic that will crush the interest on any other title you’ve played until now.
Let’s the old school brutal extravaganza begins; only together you…brave heroes can save a multitude of harmless people from the evil lords of the planet. But you don’t do it only for glory, indeed more creatures you’ll kill, and more gold you’ll earn. But are you powerful enough to overcome the wrath of the Titans? Only your courage, your abilities, and your aim can answer! Your allies are ready, hurry-up to partake to this digital-only post-modern Titanomachy with Full Metal Furies for Switch.

The world is in trouble so attack now; there’s no time for questions!


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