Battle Princess Madelyn: Story, Origin, Multi-Language Features & More!

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Battle Princess Madelyn

Nintendo™ Switch – Asia

“A young princess and knight in training must battle her way through the forces of evil to save her family with the assistance of her previously deceased dog Fritzy!”

The already highly-acclaimed and much lauded Battle Princess Madelyn by developer Casual Bit Games will be arriving this Fall for various platforms. And to support this announcement, the company released a new trailer for the upcoming game, announcing that the side-scrolling adventure title will be soon land on different platforms.

And, what’s even more exciting is that…

a Multi-Language Nintendo Switch version of the game is available here at Playasia!

Enjoy the game with the following language support for subtitles:





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Game Overview

Inspired by classic side-scrolling game, Ghouls N’ Ghosts, and the award-winning game, Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon’s Trap, the upcoming game follows the story of a young knight in training named, Madelyn and her ghostly dog Fritzy. They set forth on an adventure to save her Kingdom and her family from the clutches of an evil wizard.

The game features ten levels each with five challenging stages that players must withstand and surpass. Defeat all your enemies with the use of upgradable weapons, special weapons, and various collectibles in the world that will unlock bonuses and hidden stages.

You can watch the new trailer below.


Did You Know That?

Battle Princess Madelyn has been created with the help of developer Christopher Obritsch’s daughter, Madelyn Obritsch. 

When Christopher showed his daughter his favorite classic arcade game, Ghouls N’ Ghosts, young Madelyn became fascinated by the game. She would ask for her father to replay some of her favorite parts in the game and watch how the hero of the game defeated the – in her words – “Green Head” boss.

With such fascination, Madelyn wanted to play as the hero in the game, and fight the Green Head. Christopher was then inspired to work on a game that she could show to his daughter that girls could be just as tough and brave as the hero boy in the game. Madelyn even said that the battle princess should own a pink armor.

And that is when the Battle Princess Madelyn was born.

Here’s what Christopher Obritsch had to say in a press release:

From its initial concept days, right through the successful Kickstarter campaign which reached over $212,665 CAD, until its imminent release, Battle Princess Madelyn has developed and grown from inspiration from feedback from my daughter, who inspired the original idea, gamers and ideals from the very best of classic retro games fused with modern presentation complete with gameplay and fun. I believe all our goals have been achieved with much much more added ingredients, features and elements that will have gamers engaged in a game that has been crafted with real planning, dedication and, a lot of love.” Christopher Obritsch – Causal Bit Games.

Community Feedback

So, are excited to finally get your hands on Battle Princess Madelyn? Let’s see who’s excited too!

Will you be picking up this game? You better be! Reserve your copies now and see the shadows of developer Christopher Obritsch’s fatherly love to his daughter, Maddi.


Battle Princess Madelyn, Battle Princess Madelyn Multi-Language, Multi-Language, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Asia, Japan, release date, gameplay, features, price, trailer, 3goo, Casual Bit Games, pre-order

Japanese gamers, we also have the Japan version of the game opened for pre-order. So, if you want to have a copy of the game, you can grab yours here at Playasia. Click the button below to reserve your copies!


For more information about the game, you can enjoy the Japanese trailer, features, and gallery below.



  • Amazingly detailed hand-drawn pixel art brought to life by the magical lighting of the Unity Engine.
  • Two completely different soundtracks to suit your tastes! Classic Arcade FM/PCM to set the hectic pacing, or Modern Orchestrated to set the mood for the scene by Gryzor87 of Maldita Castilla fame!
  • A mix of fast-paced classic arcade action with the adventure elements of classic console games from the golden age of console gaming.
  • Battle Princess Madelyn has two modes of gameplay: Arcade which is fast-paced old-school action and Story mode for the full adventure experience of questing and the battle princess!
  • Find all of the collectibles hidden throughout the stages for extra rewards and more hidden stages!
  • 10 levels, each of which includes up to 5 stages – some of which branch!
  • Masses of upgradable weapons that depend on your armor in arcade mode, or having the upgraded at the blacksmith in story mode!
  • Special weapons for special occasions and some of these grant access to secret areas!
  • An original story written by a professional children’s author.


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