Astebreed for Switch – Alter the future for humankind!


Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: 2.5D Mecha Shooter

To: Earth Central Government
From: Emergency Space Network Class 12093752A

S.O.S. Message Received
We’re under attack! Send backup to Zone 189305 Eastern Quadrant NOW!
….Transmission Terminated
End of the Line

As soon as this message has been received the Earth Forces called the mecha-ace Roy Becket to resolve the situation. Since 10 years a galactic war between humankind and an ancient bio-mechanical alien race rages on the whole solar system. Many moons and planets have been destroyed changing forever the delicate balance of the universe. Due to his considerable piloting skills, Roy is considered the only one who can get through enemy lines, and put an end to the conflict with the precious aid of the highly advanced war-mech called Astebreed.

Manufactured by StarTECH Corporation, the revolutionary model type ASM 33.1 is the most efficient mean to pacificate every corner of the universe. Designed to reduce a sonic boom to a little thump this
70.000 lbs robot is fully armed with long-range, precision-guided anti-ship missiles, and tactical semi-auto rifles; the Astebreed can be used both on the surface and in the sidereal void to save the future of humanity!

Today even you can join the Earth Forces with Astebreed for Nintendo Switch! Strongly inspired by the golden shoot’em up of the past, this 2.5D Mecha Shooter brings you an explosion of visual awesomeness, everything tied up with superb hyper-fast gameplay mechanics. But stay alert, because your enemies know you very well, indeed they’ll attack you from all the positions; it’s up to you to intercept, evade, and eventually destroy the enemies spaceships. In this game, your readiness will be pushed to the limit due to the unique variety that will turn it into a vertical, horizontal, and 3D shoot’em up.

Burning through a sky of flying metal! Let’s be honest, in Astebreed for Switch nothing can prepare you to its incredible speed. Take full command of the most intense war of the century performing split-second counter-maneuvers, dynamic takedowns, and – not least – ultra exciting fly among the stars, this title will let you take part to the ultimate cyberwar for humanity’s survival.
Master all the alien techniques and shoot wave after wave thousands of intergalactic marauders.
Defying expectations, and delivering an experience beyond any other shoot ’em up; Astebreed for Nintendo Switch is a digital-only deeply immersive mecha adventure that will surely bleed your thumbs and test your ability like any other shooting game in the Galaxy!

Download it now! We’re sure that you’ll play it again and again for a very long time. All in it is simply perfect; enjoy its alternating perspectives, unique boss fights, memorable music, and intricate level design. Astebreed for Switch is downright unforgettable!


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