Root Letter: Last Answer – Live Action Visual Novel Coming this December

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Root Letter: Last Answer

PlayStation 4™, PlayStation Vita & Nintendo™ Switch – JAPAN


Kadokawa Games will bring back the 2016 adventure visual novel series in form of a live action remake. Root Letter: Last Answer stylized as √Letter Last Answer (√Letter ルートレター Last Answer) is the 2016 remake of the adventure visual novel, Root Letter. (√Letter)

It was revealed at Famitsu‘s week issue of September 2018 that this game is a live-action remake with new scenarios available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch this December 20th in Japan.

Source: Famitsu via Gematsu

Enjoy the unexpected outcome in the live-action remake version of Root Letter: Last Answer this December 20. Here at Playasia, this adventure visual novel game is now available for pre-orders in all platforms! (PS4, PSVita, and Switch) Click the button below to pre-order yours now.


The game sets in Matsue, Shimane Prefecture. The protagonist arrives to search for Fumino Aya. Fumino Aya is a pen pal friend from high school that disappears 15 years ago. However, the protagonist discovers that an old pen-friend involves in a murder before she disappears. Now, when the curiosity kills the cat, investigate the murder with her past letters as clues to unveil the truth.

Root Letter: Last Answer will include the Drama Mode that features 90 actors in the cast. The idealistic of real-life drama woven within the charming townscape of Shimane Prefecture as it’s presented with realism. With these elements, the visual novel is similar to watching a real-life Japanese drama on the TV screen. Of course, the Original Mode is still here with the beautiful aesthetic graphics and illustrations from the renowned artist, Minoboshi Taro. Enjoy the adventure either in live-action or in illustrated visuals!

In the Drama Mode of this visual novel game, Kadokawa Games has revealed that the famous Japanese fashion designer, Junko Koshino will design the costume for the live-action screenshots and footages.

According to Gematsu, here are the list of game characters, voice actors and live-action actors below.

  • Aya Fumino (voiced by Noriko Hidaka, live-acted by Ako Yamamoto)
  • Yukari Ishihara (voiced by Kikuko Inoue, live-acted by Moa Tsukino)
  • Jun Oomori (voiced by Keisuke Koumoto, live-acted by Hideyuki Natsukawa)
  • Misaki Murakami (voiced by Hyo-sei, live-acted by Saki Miyamoto)
  • Shouta Nodu (voiced by Kazuhiro Sunseki, live-acted by Yoshiaki Tanabe)
  • Kousuke Tanaka (voiced by Hiroshi Iwasaki, live-acted by Kai Yamazaki)
  • Shouya Watanabe (voiced by Shuusaku Shirakawa, live-acted by Hiroshi Nagasawa)
  • Riko Sasaki (voiced by Yumi Touma, live-acted by Arisa Noto)

Watch the trailer showing the live-action characters from Drama Mode below.

Root Letter, Root Letter: Last Answer, √Letter, PS4, PSVita, Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, Japan, gameplay, features, release date, price, trailer, screenshots, √Letter ルートレター Last Answer

Meanwhile, the original Root Letter is still available on our website for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Also, the Limited Premium Box is also available as well. What are the inclusions of this Limited Edition? See it below.

Box contents

  • PS4/PSVita Game: Root Letter
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Original Artbook




  • An intense murder mystery set in a gorgeous, real-word, rural Japanese setting
  • Stunning Visual Novel artwork from the renowned artist Minoboshi Taro
  • Increased gameplay elements – search for clues, present evidence and explore environments
  • Travel freely around Shimane, visiting real world locations and interviewing suspects
  • Interrogation mode allows you to present evidence to characters and catch them out in lies
  • Unravel the truth from your pen-friend’s letters – was she telling the truth, was she even real?
  • Make difficult choices as you straddle an investigation spanning 15 years
  • Five different endings with wildly different routes – for a huge level of replayability

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