Battlefield V for PS4, XB1 & Origin – Feed your war machine!

Battlefield V

PlayStation®4, Xbox™One, Origin Ι Genre: WWII FPS

Solveig Fia Bjørnstad, William Sidney Bridger, Deme, and Peter Müller; all honors to you!
Without any doubt, the Second World War is the most complex, frightening, and destructive event in modern global history; in only six years the world saw the heights of human courage and the depth of human degradation. Common people have experienced the most devastating war in history, in which more than 50 million lives were lost. Everyday’s life was very harsh both on and off duty. And the years between 1939 and 1945 will be forever remembered as the most tragic yet glorious period of the humankind history!

To homage all those soldiers who fought for freedom, EA set the fifth Battlefield chapter during the heated times of WWII. Following the events of the most threating six years of the 20th Century; Battlefield V for PS4, XB1, and Origin captures faithfully the essence of the fronts in brutal detail. Relive the stories of four brave heroes and heroines across the world who fought as much as they can to regain the freedom for all their people. Do your part during the Operation Dragoon with Deme following the Senegalese Army engaged in the liberation of Marseille and Toulon; or as the lone warrior Solveig fight the forces of the Axis on the mountains of Norway during 1943.
The brand new Battlefield V for PS4, XB1, and Origin let you hear clearly the echoes from a tragic past in which experienced soldiers and common people made history in order to put an end to the Nazi regime.

Get ready to combat through four exciting and challenging stories – Nordlys, Tirailleur, Under No Flag & The Last Tiger – alone or online with your friends on a huge variety of highly detailed territories. Featuring the newest arsenal and vehicles of World War II including the American medium tank M4 Sherman, the British aircraft Spitfire, the water-cooled heavy machine gun Vickers, and many other ones that allow you to combat this epic war across the land, air, and sea. Choose your favorite class between “Assault”, “Medic”, “Support” and “Recon”. Obviously, each of them has its strong points and weakness, for example, the Assault class is the offensive one and it’s equipped with the most powerful explosives, while the Support class provides practical help to the comrades resupplying ammunition and blowing up everything thanks to its deep knowledge of explosives.

Do you really want to turn the tide of the conflict? Great! Keep your integrity, shine all the weapons, and be the driving force of Europe’s freedom! Providing an authentic non-linear all-out combat intensity; Battlefield V for PS4, XB1, and Origin will force you to rethink your tactics and gameplay style continuously. This mind-opening feature is the best one to test your adaptability skills in a very unique way.

Answer the history’s call! Show your true nature to your comrades taking all the necessary (and sometimes difficult) decisions that will lead you to victory. The deep and emotional campaigns are filled with unexpected variations and twists; don’t be afraid along your journey, you’ll meet some friendly people that will give you a hand to fight against that nefarious ideology. The whole of Europe needs legendary big hero acts.

Fight and guide the world to the liberation digitally or physically experiencing the hardship and the confusion of the wartime with Battlefield V PS4, XB1, and Origin!


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