Dragon Quest Builders 2 Coming Out to Japan this December 20th

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Dragon Quest Builders 2

PlayStation 4™ & Nintendo™ Switch – JAPAN


One of the top gaming publishers of today, Square Enix will release the upcoming sequel to the 2016 sandbox action RPG, Dragon Quest Builders. Dragon Quest Builders 2 (ドラゴンクエストビルダーズ アレフガルドを復活せよ 2) is coming to Japan this December 20th for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It was announced during the summer 2017 Dragon Quest festival along with a brief introduction and a few small details by Yuji Horii.

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This installment takes you in the alternate universe of Dragon Quest II in the world of Alefgrard. The main antagonist of the Dragon Quest II, Hargon, a mad cultist of Rendarak, builds his cult to discourage building and to ban praising and worshiping of the Goddess under the great penalty of death. You play as a Builder. The Builder is rescued by a mysterious boy named Malroth. However, you find out you are on Empty Island. The island just like its name, it’s literally empty. Now, it’s up to you and Malroth to save the world to defeat Hargon and his cult.

Now for the gameplay. Your protagonist is either a male or a female, you can choose. Break the world which is fully made of blocks to obtain materials that might be used to create weapons, tools, buildings, and facilities. Keep on crafting as you will gradually become stronger and the range that you explore will expand. Finally, there are slopes included in the Empty Island. It might help you to create your own material or something. Just think beyond your imagination!

NEW UPDATES: Dragon Quest Builders 2 demo will launch for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch via respective stores (PlayStation Store and Nintendo eShop) on December 6 in Japan. This was announced at Builders School Multiplayer Party broadcast. In the demo, it includes the tutorial and the first section of the Empty Island. You can now able to build plus experience the new Bulletin Board element.

Watch the full broadcast of Dragon Quest Builders 2 below.



  • World – Dragon Quest Builders is a block-make RPG where you can enjoy simultaneously going on a grand adventure to save the world and sandbox-esque crafting. By breaking the world, which is made of blocks, you can obtain materials, which can be used to create weapons, tools, buildings, and facilities. By improving your building skills, the protagonist will gradually become stronger, and the range that they can explore will expand
  • Vacant Island – A certain event leads the protagonist to wash ashore on an unpopulated island called the “Vacant Island.” This island, where there are few flowers and living things, and not yet any houses or towns where people live, will be the base of your adventure. Use the power to craft possessed by Builders to build and build on the Vacant Island
  • God of Destruction Malroth – The subtitle of Dragon Quest Builders 2 includes the surprising name, “God of Destruction Malroth.” While he is the evil god of destruction that appeared in Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line, how will he be involved in the story of the Builder who possesses the power the create…?


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