Bendy and the Ink Machine for PS4, XB1 & NS – Animate your life!

Bendy and the Ink Machine

PlayStation®4, Xbox™One, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Premiered Ghoulery Adventure

You know, in film, literary, and game industry a very little amount of genres have shown dozens of weird plots and wacky villains like horror.
For example, in 1963 the Japanese kaijū and tokusatsu movies’ director Ishirō Honda released “Matango” in which a large group of people is attacked from a specimen of living mushrooms produced by nuclear tests on a remote tropical island; the 1985 satyrical movie “The Stuff” instead, directed by Larry Cohen, make fun the food industry presenting a mysterious sweet & creamy substance being sold as ice-cream by a greed company. But when police and journalists discover that it’s actually is a sentient parasitical organism who turn all the ones who ate it in zombie-like monsters, it’s too late…but, talking about video games, without any doubts the Oscar-winning craziest villains of 2018 goes to the evil toons of Bendy and the Ink Machine for PS4, Switch, and XB1!

Developed by the Joey Drew Studios; a company where dreams come true; this first-person survival horror adventure is set in the sparkling 30s. An old legend famous among the animators tells that normally the worlds of humans and animation are separated; but sometimes the fine line who divides it can be broken to particularly motivated beings. This is exactly what happened to Henry Stein; a former lead animator of the once glorious Joey Drew Studios who after receiving a mysterious letter from Joey Drew himself, he returns after 30 years to his old workplace. Once there, Mr. Drew shows him the highly advanced Ink Machine! Similar to a 3D printer, this special machine can create living cartoons with unexpected results; indeed all this newborn creature are wicked, and aim to rule the humans’ dimension!

In Bendy and the Ink Machine for PS4, Switch, and XB1 you must explore every single corner of the old studios in order to stop all this toon madness. Lead by the obscure Ink Bendy, Henry will face many living drawings who aim to cancel Henry from the world and then replace all those boring humans with a new generation of madcap rulers. Witness a rollicking adventure through the underground mazes, where you must hunt down clues and scares up information. In there, you will encounter a lot of insane puzzles that will obstacle you in a completely nutty way. But hurry! That horde of rascals is in your footsteps. Protect yourself choosing between a plethora of useful objects; axes, bacon soup cans, guns have been created to give you a hand. And that’s not all folks, get the massive End Reel and nothing will stop you! Don’t be afraid to use all these objects extensively, just remember that at Joey Drew Studios Quality is #1 Dream!!!

What’s more fun than watching cartoons? Simple, playing cartoons! Bendy and the Ink Machine for PS4, Switch, and XB1 you must to save the world from t(o)ons of new diabolical menaces that you will never forget.
Master Henry’s special talents to take your heroism to the ultimate limit. Hellish toons lurk in the shadows…do you have the guts to face them? You have still 24 hours left before this digital and physical invasion begins, put it a stop and live happily forever*!
*“happily forever” is relative to the level of one’s acceptance of fate.


© 2018 OK to reproduce if copyright note stays intact.

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