Nari Kids Park for Switch – It’s time to act as a HERO!

Nari Kids Park

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Be a real hero!

Officially announced on last September by Namco Bandai, the brand new Nari Kids Park series allows you to live exciting interactive adventures in the company of the coolest tokusatsu & anime characters. With 3 games to choose from, both old and new fans will definitely find something great for their tastes.
Designed for children of all ages, prepare yourself to meet & play with your favorite TV heroes, in a very unimaginable way…until now!
Join the forces with HUGtto! PreCure, Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger, and Ultraman R/B, and release your inner super-powers to save our planet from dozens of mischevious invaders!

Started on February 4, 2018, the 15th Pretty Cure installment is focused on heroism, parenting, and jobs.
Starring Hana Nono, Saaya Yakushiji, Homare Kagayaki, Emile Aisaki, and Ruru Amour; in HUGtto! PreCure these party of brave independent girls must protect the Mirai Crystals, five small relics who enclose the mystical Tomorrow Powerer, from the evil touch of the Criasu Corporation. Led by George Kurai; the main objective of this company is to collect all the crystals to freeze time in order to create a new world where all are eternally happy, but the price to pay for this apparently noble cause is that nothing can move forward and all stays static.

To move the humankind towards new legendary heights, in Nari Kids Park: HUGtto! PreCure for Switch you will join these heroines. Grab the Joy-Con and shout Heart Kiratto! To transform into the new member of Pretty Cure squad; shake, cheer, and battle against the soldiers of Criasu Corporation. Providing also a large number of funny mini-games; in Nari Kids Park: HUGtto! PreCure you can also take care of the cute Hugtan, and choose your own career as a baker, waitress, florist, doctor or even safari guide.

You can do anything! You can become anything! Embrace the sparkling future today!

During his long and fruitful career as gentleman thief, Arsène Lupin has stolen thousands of precious items, but the rarest ones are cataloged under the voice of “Lupin Collection”. These objects have been always kept secret, and the reason is easy to understand; they contain weird magical powers that could cause huge troubles if used by bad people. Unfortunately the greed Interdimensional Criminal Group Gangler stole all of them for their malicious purposes, and the Earth needs your help to recover them! Will you join the Phantom Thieves or the Police Force? Choose your side with Nari Kids Park: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger for Nintendo Switch. It’s time to change yourself into a masked champion of justice!

Shake the Joy-Con to fight against hordes of monsters captained by centuries-old crime lord Dogranio Yaboon, and his band of generals including Goche Ru Medou, Destra Majjo & Zamigo Delma. But when the threats go big you must be bigger, and the only way to do it is through the giant Good Cool Kaiser VSX mecha. Built by 10 different vehicles, this is the only weapon who can save a very bad day. Enter inside its cockpit to protect the planet from the attacks of Gangler’s soldiers, and once you’re ready to finish them with the ultra-powerful Good Cool Kaiser: Vehicle Rush Strike move!!!

Time is running out; get into the ultimate Super-Sentai Action now with Nari Kids Park: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patorangerfor Switch!

Rosso, Blu or both? Color me with the power of Nari Kids Park: Ultraman R/B for Switch!
Inspired by the heroic actions of Ultraman Orb, the alien Cereza trained hard to become an Ultraman and walk the footsteps of his hero. But, he felt cheated the day when Katsumi and Isami Minato could turn themselves into Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu; despite their inexperience, crude fighting skills, and the tendency to create problems. Due to this Cereza started to kidnap people in order to get the Orb Ring NEO device, and transform into the Ultraman Orb Dark!

In Nari Kids Park: Ultraman R/B for Nintendo Switch; the Minato brothers ask for your help to keep the Earth safe from the attacks of a multitude of space monsters.
Exploiting the “Bond & Love” power; activate the R/B Gyro and fight shoulder to shoulder against this new batch of tremendously powerful alien creatures not only on Earth but even across the sidereal space. In addition, once you’ve eliminated the target you can have a relaxing time talking with Minato family to strengthen the relationship between you and them.

Don’t let destruction and desperation prevail; battle for the future of the world with Nari Kids Park: Ultraman R/B for Switch!

The firsts three titles of this series are a must have for all the lovers of Japanese Pop-Culture; turn on your Nintendo Switch now, and do everything possible to protect our planet joining the greatest heroes of the world digitally or physically with the one and (Japan) only Nari Kids Park series!


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