Mega Drive, Dreamcast and Sega Saturn retro tees available again for a short time!

Good old Cospa is re-printing the retro gaming shirts from this year’s TGS. Most prominent amongst those the Mega Drive stuff, but also the Dreamcast and Sega Saturn shirts are available again in all sizes. Pre-order deadline is December 6 and release date is within January 2019.

If you have any questions about the Japanese sizes, please check the size chart of each item and compare it with your home country’s size chart, for example here.  Or measure a fitting shirt of yours like this and compare it with the dimensions displayed. As a rule of thumb: Asian sizes are one size smaller than their western counterparts. A Japanese size XL is roughly the equivalent to a European size L.

Please note that some of the new t-shirts have a different length and width than the regular Cospa shirts.  

Mega Drive Reflector Print T-shirt Black (JPN)US$ 23.99 pre
Mega Drive Dry T-shirt Black (JPN)US$ 26.99 24h
Mega Drive Sweat Shirt Black (JPN)US$ 39.99 pre
Mega Drive Pullover Hoodie Black (JPN)US$ 45.99 pre
Mega Drive 2way Backpack Black (JPN)US$ 31.99 pre
Mega Drive Full Graphic Large Tote Bag (JPN)US$ 29.99 24h
Mega Drive Large Tote Bag Black (JPN)US$ 16.99 pre
Dreamcast T-shirt White  (JPN)US$ 23.99 24h
Dreamcast Dry T-shirt White  (JPN)US$ 26.99 24h
Dreamcast Dry T-shirt Orange (JPN)US$ 26.99 24h
Dreamcast Hoodie White (JPN)US$ 43.99 24h
Sega Saturn Dry T-shirt Black (JPN)US$ 26.99 pre

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