Rainbow Skies: Coming to Japan this December 20th

Rainbow Skies, PS4, PlayStation 4, Japan, gameplay, features, release date, price, trailer, screenshots, レインボースカイ

Rainbow Skies

PlayStation 4™ – JAPAN


One of eastasiasoft‘s best-selling video game titles is now set forth to the Land of the Rising Sun. In the partnership with the game company who developed the famous Disgaea franchise, Nippon Ichi Software, Rainbow Skies will make the Japanese gamers strategize this December 20th for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Last September 5th, eastasiasoft officially announced it on their official Twitter account that a lot of Japanese fans asked to release the game to Japan at the Tokyo Game Show 2017. Japanese gamers out there, eastasiasoft heard your pleading voices to release this game. Thanks to Nippon Ichi Software, this game is now coming to Japan.

eastasiasoft also expressed their gratitude to Nippon Ichi Software the game is highly inspired to the Disgaea franchise in many ways. It was an honor for the game company to collaborate with Nippon Ichi Software to release the Japanese localization of Rainbow Skies.

Take a look at the official tweet via eastasiasoft below.

Rainbow Skies is an indie strategy role-playing game developed and published by eastasiasoft. The main protagonist is Damion. Today is the final day of his examination as a monster tamer. This is a significant profession especially in his town because the town is constantly threatened by attacks of various monsters. However, Damion completely misses his examination because of a terrible hangover. He tries to appeal to his examiner Layne. But something terrible happens as things turn into a worst-case scenario. They find themselves between the fronts of two rivals.

Explore the colorful and vibrant world of Rainbow Skies that filled with friends and foes, murky dungeons, battles, towns, shops and more than what an RPG can offer. Take an exploration of the scenery between two parallel worlds. You can tame a variety of monsters as you let them join your party and breed them. Of course, in RPG upgrade is necessary. Upgrade your characters, weapons, pieces of equipment and battle skills to defeat the monsters.

Get ready to experience the indie RPG Japanese folks in Rainbow Skies this December 20th. Here at Playasia, the physical PS4 copy is now available for pre-order. Click the button below to pre-order yours now!


Rainbow Skies, PS4, PlayStation 4, Japan, gameplay, features, release date, price, trailer, screenshots, レインボースカイ

Meanwhile, Rainbow Skies is one of our PLAY Exclusives. It was released in the Asia Pacific regions exclusively on our website last June 27, 2018. It’s still available for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Click the button to grab your copies right now!




  • Explore a fascinating scenery in two parallel worlds
  • Engage in turn-based battles and execute devastating commands, including new combo attacks
  • Breed and level up a large variety of monsters, and add them to your party
  • Upgrade your characters, weapons, equipment, and battle skills
  • Complete all side quests and optional content to extend game play up to 100 hours and beyond
  • Play a variety of mini games, including a new fishing game
  • Experience a technically perfect game engine that runs at 60 fps with little to no load times



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