R-Type Dimensions EX for Switch – Thrills come from outer space!

R-Type Dimensions EX

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Old-school Shoot ’em up Compilation

Universally recognized as one of the cornerstones of the shoot ’em up genre, the R-Type series helped to create the modern gaming culture, leaving a mark in the hearts of millions of players worldwide. Developed by Irem in 1987; the first episode sees you as an ace pilot of the Earth Allied Armed Forces (an organization created to defend terrestrials from alien attacks) shoot your way to destroy the Bydo Empire.
Originally created in the Earth’s genetic labs during the year 2501 AD, this species main objective was to start the colonization of planets and systems for human’s expansion, and domination in the sidereal space. But, in accordance with tradition, these sentient bio-mechanical beings rose against their creators and invaded the whole solar system.

To defend themselves and righting wrongs, the best engineers of the planet join their brilliant minds to develop a weapon who could restore the order: R-9A Arrowhead!
Mounting a next-generation wave cannon, a round bit device, and two homing missiles launcher, it’s well armed and extremely agile both in the atmosphere and in deep space reaching the incredible speed of 208 km/sec.

Ported on all the computers and consoles of that time; R-Type received many good reviews and awards. Due to its huge global success many other chapters have been released through the years. Some of them kept the original gameplay style: R-Type II, Super R-Type, Gallop Armed Police Unit, R-Type Leo, R-Type III, and R-Type Delta; while some others like R-Type Command and R-Type Tactics II portrayed this galactic war in a brand new strategic perspective adding a previously unexpected RPG touch to the series. Inspiring a lot of games such as Xexex, Thunder Force IV, and Last Resort, it left us a wonderful legacy that can’t be ignored.

This why the indie company Tozai Games has released the massive and historically relevant R-Type Dimensions EX for Nintendo Switch!
Including the firsts two chapters; this compilation will let you get back to the golden age of shoot’em up genre.
Featuring stunning revamped art-style that will allow you to play it in 2D or 3D, big bosses, challenging gameplay, and tight controls, it’s a proper sight for sore eyes and a curse for your thumbs. Yes, because R-Type Dimensions EX for Switch is very challenging, and it’ll force you to whizz off between bullets and Bydo crafts for the sake and salvation of humankind.

Delve into its unique bio-mechanical atmosphere; strongly inspired by H.R. Giger works of art. Enjoy the adrenaline pumping gameplay & last but not least explore a voluminous amount of weapons and stages. If you are sick of the gimmick-filled games and you would die to have some oldies-but-goldies shooting fun; then R-Type Dimensions EX for Switch is the game for you!

The war between the Bydo Empire and the Earth Allied Armed Forces is still in full swing; enter in the cockpit, and do your part in this digital-only galactic conflict.
Feel the excitement running through your veins with R-Type Dimensions EX for Nintendo Switch!


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