Fabraz’s Skellboy is Confirmed for Nintendo Switch | Coming Out in 2019!

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Nintendo™ Switch

Have you ever experienced getting your heart shattered into pieces by the woman you love and cursed the whole world for such a heartbreaking episode of your life? If you do, well you have the same storyline like the new game of Fabraz!

Interesting? Sure it is!

After the successful collaboration of Fabraz and Eendhoorn for their SpiritSphere DX game to the Nintendo Switch, Fabraz is thrilled to announce the next game in their realm. Fabraz’s second game is a collaboration with developer Umaiki Games and will be titled Skellboy. The company confirmed that the upcoming game will land in the latest Nintendo’s handheld console sometime in 2019.

Fabraz also posted the news on Twitter which can be found below.

You can watch the announcement trailer below.


Game Overview

Skellyboy is an action RPG that puts players in the soul of an ancient hero named Skippy, who was accidentally summoned. Set in the Cubold Kingdom, players follow the role of Skippy and join him in his exciting and challenging journey to save the princess from the evil wizard Squaruman!


The inhabitants in the Cubold Kingdom was living at peace until the king’s evil court magician got rejected by the princess. With his heart being shattered into pieces and his rage-fueled, he summoned the evil spirits to resurrect the dead and the kingdom’s long forgotten horrors.

What he doesn’t realize in his anger is that he unintentionally summoned an ancient hero named Skippy! Travel across the wonderfully drawn kingdom of Cubold and take full advantage of your resurrected, skeletal body! Trade out body parts to obtain new abilities throughout your venture or pick up a new weapon to defeat the evil magician’s lackeys.

Skippy, are you ready to be a hero once more?


  • A true action-RPG experience that will test your skill and reward exploration!
  • An expansive single-player experience across the interconnected world of Cubold!
  • The unique ability to swap out body parts to acquire special abilities!
  • Several weapon types to clobber any foes you face!
  • Special enemies and bosses that will truly test your mettle!
  • A beautifully vibrant world alongside some rocking chiptune tracks!
  • And much more we’ll reveal at a later date!




Skellboy, Nintendo Switch, Switch, Fabraz, Umaiki Games, release date, gameplay, trailer, features, story, game, announced

As of the moment, no definite release date has been announced for the game yet. But, when Skellboy is already open for pre-order in the Nintendo eShop, don’t forget to grab your Nintendo eShop cards here at Playasia!



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