Marvelous’ Uppers Remastered Version for PS4 – Available for Pre-order!

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PlayStation 4™ – Europe

Earlier this year, Marvelous Europe proudly announced that they will bring a fully remastered version of the third-person brawler, Uppers, which was originally released for Japan exclusively for the PS Vita in 2016. Produced by Senran Kagura legend, Kenichiro Takaki, this masterpiece is now making its way to the west for the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

According to Marvelous Europe, the new and enhanced version of Uppers will feature fully remastered street fighting that will make every action scene as brutal and rewarding as ever. In addition, Uppers for PS4 and PC will have a multi-language support! Uppers will offer full-text localization for English, French, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

Plus, since this is going to be the enhanced version, it will be fully remastered in 1080p and 60 frames per second, with native support for even higher resolutions. Are you ready to experience Uppers like never before?

You can watch the announcement teaser trailer below.


Uppers will bring players to the deserted island of Last Resort, where your ultimate mission is to fight the Island’s punks to win over the hearts of your loving female fans. So the case is these Last Resort Island bandits freely stalk the island to look for some trouble. And you, as the protagonist of this game, will have to choose from one of the 13 playable fighters and brave the numerous street battles to impress and win the heart of the watching girls, who will issue challenges along the way but reward you abundantly for your struggles.

Are you ready to fight these hungry bandits and win over the hearts of your girls? Get ready for your action-filled journey here in Last Resort Island in UPPERS! Ready, set, fight!


  • Fully Remastered & Multi-Language Support! – Experience the game like never before fully remastered in 1080p, 60FPS with native support for even higher resolutions
  • Varied Character Roster – Control two of thirteen varied fighters each with their own fiery combos and bodacious finishing moves. From Kickboxing to Martial Arts, Kenka and Wrestling, each fighter brings their A-game to the show!
  • Explosive, Action-Packed Combat! – Please your streetside fans and charge your VOLTAGE! RISE-UP and augment your combos with even more spectacle and fighting style before unleashing your fury with the Upper Rush – pummeling your opponent with hundreds of attacks before your fans’ very eyes! Perhaps your adoring fans will reward you handsomely by showing you their favorite pair of underwear!
  • Crazy Environmental Interactions – Utilise the environment to your advantage, throw cars, throw bicycles, throw motorbikes or choose to slam-dunk your opponent into a manhole or uppercut him into a passing by Helicopter – the possibilities are both ludicrous and crazy!


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As of the time of writing, Uppers concrete release date is yet to be confirmed. All we know that it is slated for this years’ launch. However, pre-order for the (EU) PS4 version of this game is available for pre-order here at Playasia. Will you be picking up this game? Click the button below to grab yours!



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