GODS Remastered for XB1 – Half man, half god, all hero!

GODS Remastered

Xbox One Ι Genre: Mythical Adventure

The Bitmap Brothers is absolutely one of the most important names in the rich and long history of video games. Founded in 1987 by Mike Montgomery, Eric Matthews, and Steve Kelly this company was particularly active on Commodore Amiga and Atari ST computers. Developing some of the most sophisticated games of the 90s; they made titles like Xenon, Speedball or The Chaos Engine. Which are considered (yes, even today) three milestones of gaming industry.

From their small office in East London, The Bitmap Brothers conquered the world one game at a time; leading them to be one of the most successful independent companies of that decade with a lot of awards won through the years, including the Golden Joystick Award, the European Computer Leisure Award, and many other ones.
Without any doubt 1991 has been their finest year, and in March they’ve released one of their masterpieces: GODS!

Set in Ancient Greece, in this action-adventure-puzzle-platform-shooter you’re Hercules, and soon after accomplished all the Twelve Labours; the magnanimous Zeus gave you another test to evaluate your qualities. Chase and kill the “Four Guardians” who have invaded the citadel of the gods. If you’ll accomplish this duty will gain immortality sitting among them as their peer, but in case of failure, the whole universe will be covered in darkness for the eternity. There’s no time to lose! Wear your armor, flex the muscles, and relive the golden age of video games on your Xbox One with GODS Remastered!

Providing a very different experience to any other action-adventure games; GODS Remastered for XB1 offers an eclectic mixture of genres that will challenge your thumbs and mind in a very unusual way. Luckily for you, the Olympians will help you improve your skills and arsenal; for the occasion, Vulcan has forged a large number of divine weapons that will give you a HUGE help along the mission. Break some bones using the powerful ax or if you’d like to be a sniper cast the fireballs to burn hordes of vicious hot-blooded enemies. Maybe as you already know a god must be strong but also clever; so GODS Remastered for XB1 challenges also your brain’s capacity with a large number of puzzles. Some of them will entertain you, some will tease you, and some others will drive you mad. Do you think you have what it takes to be a real god? Prove it today!

Exploiting the mighty power of the current generation of consoles; Hercules is stronger than ever New levels, new monsters, and an unforgettable 3D Mode will accompany you in this quest that left the mark in the hearts of millions of players. But, if you’re a nostalgic retrogamer you can’t miss to enjoy this game switching to the original 16-Bit pixel art.
Help Hercules to gain the greatest prize of all: immortality! But pay attention; behind every corner bloodthirsty beasts are just waiting for you, kill them and reach the Four Guardians to take what is yours.
Turn on your Xbox One and act like a god with the digital-only
GODS Remastered!


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