Kunio-Kun: The World for PS4, NS & XB1 – BARF your enemies!

Kunio-Kun: The World Classics Collection

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Banchō Rumble Collection

Born on November 27, the same day of Bruce Lee, Kunio-Kun is still one of the most renowned icons of Japanese pop-culture.
Based on Technōs Japan’s president Kunio Taki, this high-school boy is the protagonist of more than 30 games which have appeared on dozens of game systems since 1986. Created by Yoshihisa Kishimoto; which is also the creator of Double Dragon series; Kunio-Kun is a very eclectic IP which genres vary from classic scrolling beat ’em up to crazy food puzzle games.
The very first episode called Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-Kun (熱血硬派くにおくん) has been released in May 1986 in Japanese arcades and can be considered a sort of test for Double Dragon; who came right after. Reaching the western countries with a radical change of graphics and a new title, Renegade. This game has been ported for practically all the consoles and computers of that age; giving a huge incredible boost to Technōs Japan finances who continued through the years to release even more original and incredibly funny titles.

Games like Super Dodge Ball, River City Ransom, and Nintendo World Cup despite the obvious differences of gameplay mechanics share the same cast of hot-headed high-school heroes; who have also appeared in the manga, TV drama, and even a live action movie which helped the series to become a massive worldwide hit.

The last installment starring Kunio-Kun is River City Melee: Battle Royal Special released in 2016 for PS4. But, both veterans and newcomers will be happy to know that this week an incredible celebrating hot-blooded compilation will arrive on PS4, Switch, and XB1: Kunio-Kun: The World Classics Collection!

Bringing stubby dragon-feet kicking, stone-hand punching, and acro-circus-grand-slamming-javelin man action all presented in an ultra-nostalgic 8-bit art style; this anthology includes ALL the 18 titles released for Famicom including their western exclusive versions and the Double Dragon‘s trilogy!
Developed by Arc System Works, the greatest action and fighting games’ rulers. Kunio-Kun: The World Classics Collection for PS4, Switch, and XB1 brings back the old-school Nekketsu characters; with an all-new arsenal of super throws and attacks in an all-out war for supremacy. You’ll battle not only in the streets of modern Tokyo, but also in the sports grounds, and among the rural villages of medieval Japan. Taking the chunky sprites towards new heights of battling experience; in this compilation, you can do whatever you want to win over the fiercest high-schools of the country.
Fight them in the most unorthodox way where everything goes, especially cheating 😉

Play these classics alone or with your friends. And don’t forget to clear the special missions created exclusively for this new game. If you’re good enough the access to the Kunio-Kun Museum will be granted. In there you’ll find hundreds of illustrations, promotional materials, and much more that will relive the fabulous 80s. In addition, if you aim to perfection; you can’t avoid unlocking the rare powerful items that will make the work easier.

Don’t wait more; discover how a tough student should be digitally or physically with Kunio-Kun: The World Classics Collection for PS4, Switch, and XB1!
BARF your enemies over and over again, and don’t forget that the physical Asian version, and the Japanese Digital version for Switch include the in-game text fully translated in English!


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