The Limited Edition for Total War: Three Kingdoms Coming this March 2019

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Total War: Three Kingdoms [Limited Edition]

Windows™ – EUROPE


The game developer Creative Assembly and the game publisher Sega will bring another mainline entry to the Total War series. Total War: Three Kingdoms is an upcoming turn-based strategy real-time tactics video game for Windows PC this March 7th, 2019 in Europe. This is also the 12th mainline entry in the Total War series.

The game now sets in the Han dynasty. For a brief background on Han dynasty, this was the second imperial dynasty of China from 206 BC-220 AD. This was considered as a golden age in Chinese history. It was founded by Liu Bang or Emperor Gaozu of Han.

Now, for the game. The game begins in 190 AD where the Han dynasty is on the verge of collapse. Emperor Xian is the new emperor of the Han dynasty. He was manipulated by the warlord Dong Zhou. Dong Zhou wants to rule, however, it leads to the oppressive chaos. The new warlords form an alliance against Dong Zhou. How things will end with each warlord having personal ambitions and allegiances as this might shape the future of China?

You take control of one of the eleven’s factions to eliminate and to battle against other factions to unify China and become its ultimate ruler. Some of the factions led by the warlords including Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Sun Jian. As you fight for the unification of China, explore the beauty of the ancient as you restore harmony between the constituents of China. Build your dynasty and legacy to conquer the realm. Recruit some powerful and mighty heroic characters as dominate your enemies in terms of military, technological, political and economic fronts.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is available in Limited Edition copies. So, what are the inclusions of this edition? See it below.

  • Base game
  • Premium Deluxe Case
  • Double-sided Campaign Map and Character Poster

Your glorious conquest is waiting as you fight for the unification of China in Total War: Three Kingdoms Limited Edition for Windows PC this March 07, 2019. Here at Playasia, this game is now available for pre-order. Click the button below to pre-order yours now!




  • Discover Three Kingdoms China, a land of breath-taking natural beauty. Explore the length and breadth of ancient China as you restore harmony to its embattled landscape
  • Forge a new empire as one of 11 legendary Warlords drawn from China’s celebrated historical epic, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms
  • The turn-based campaign and real-time battles of Total War: THREE KINGDOMS are more interconnected than ever before, adding a brand-new element to how victory is achieved


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