Dragon Quest Builders 2 for PS4 & NS – A (new) world of pure imagination!

Dragon Quest Builders 2

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Sandbox JRPG

Hey, Master Builder!
The once prosperous kingdom of Alefgard needs your help; re-create it and make the people happy again!

Hargon, the blue-skinned high priest of Malroth’s cult won the war against the sacred warriors devoted to the Goddess, and he’s now the spiritual leader of Alefgard.
This means that only the apart Malroth cult, any other one is strictly forbidden under the death penalty; in addition, because troubles never arise on their own, a new law says that all the building activities are formally discouraged; this cause a rapid decay of all the settlements, from the biggest cities to the smallest villages. Anyway, despite the iron hand’s government; Hargon doesn’t know that you can’t stop an ideology especially if that one makes the people happy. Indeed, the hopeless men and women of the kingdom still believe in an ancient prophecy who talk about a savior who will defeat Hargon and will restore the whole world to the former glory. This legendary hero will rise from the emerald waters of the far ocean; thanks to his magical hammer, his braveness, and his crafting ability he’s the only one who can stop the evil touch of Hargon and create brand new land.

Set in legendary original world of Dragon Quest II: Akuryō No Kamigami; Dragon Quest Builders 2 take place in an alternate reality where the demon Malroth is the only god; this means that now thousands of monsters run wild and that every single person can’t use their innate crafting ability to create new weapons, armor, houses, shops, and anything else… Luckily, the Goddess hasn’t been totally defeated. She sent a young person who can create things using raw materials in a very unconventional way. C’mon Master Builder this is your turn to generate a brand new Alefgard from the roots bringing light & happiness everywhere!

In Dragon Quest Builders 2 for PS4, and Switch you’ll enter a desolated land where you have the power to reshape all the things around you, including history. Designing and building mountains, rivers, castles, towers, and down until the littlest hut; in this game, you must test both your creativity and your combat skills to put an end to the fearsome influence of Hargon on the world’s shape!
Overcome your enemies; along with challenging puzzles and mini-quests, you can master the fine art of the PBP (Pixel Block Positioning), an art which only a few elected people can use to make the people happier than ever!

Exploring every single place of this vast land to unlock and earn new materials that will be useful to create new buildings, weapons, and also items.
In addition, other than the great features appeared in the great first episode; Dragon Quest Builders 2 for PS4, and Switch includes new creatures to fight & characters to meet, a larger inventory to stock more bricks, a valuable warp system, and many other novelties that will boost the reconstruction while you’ll empower the defenses piece by piece gathering rocks, woods, fruits, flora, slime oozes, etc. in an immersive kingdom with enhanced by the traditional dynamic day and night cycles.

Construct new buildings; you will gain experience points that will level-up the Master Builder. This will open up new recipes leading to new items, fortifications, and schemata for an ever-expanding town. Developing every single town to find, rescue, or attract new villagers, they’ll offer new quests and missions, help you to defend the town from sudden onslaughts of monsters who will attack at a moment’s notice, and obviously, they’ll give you new resources.

Thanks to its unique Minecraft/Terraria style gameplay mechanics, and to the huge abundance of Dragon Quest tropes, from the iconic music of Koichi Sugiyama, legacy weapons and armor, and monsters based on the worldwide renowned art-style of Akira Toriyama, this game will keep you busy for a very long time digitally or physically not only alone but also in company of three other friends thanks to the new Multiplay option.

Change everything around you brick after brick; improve your skills as much as you can to turn yourself into the legendary Master Builder.
In Dragon Quest Builders 2 for PS4, and Switch nothing is impossible, the only limit is your imagination!


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  1. Game Boy says:

    Still figuring out and enjoy the first version of Dragon quest and suddenly the 2nd version is on our head :D. Sounds fun.

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