Take All the Money in Penny-Punching Princess on PS Vita this March

Penny-Punching Princess, PS Vita, PlayStation Vita, gameplay, features, release date, price, trailer, screenshots

Penny-Punching Princess

PlayStation Vita – US


Last November 2018, the Disgaea franchise game publisher, NIS America has confirmed that three games are coming to the PlayStation Vita. However, these three titles are the final PS Vita titles for NIS America. One of the game titles is the Penny-Punching Princess.

Penny-Punching Princess or The Princess is Money-Hungry (プリンセスは金の亡者) in Japan is an isometric brawler game developed and published by Nippon Ichi Software. First, it was released in Japan via PlayStation Vita last November 2016. Now, the North America PS Vita users will get to experience this money-hungry princess to survive in the world of capitalism this March 19.

For a brief background of Capitalism, this is an ideology based upon on the ownership of a party in the means of production. This is also the economic and political system where the products are controlled by the private sector for profit not by the state. This ideology is evident in the general idea of Penny-Punching Princess as this game is ruled by Capitalism.

The game is ruled by capitalism, of course, money is involved. The game sets in a retro-fantasy world where a princess without a kingdom resides because she is robbed of her royal heritage. To become a powerful monarch, you must have money in order to sustain the wants and the needs as a princess. So, money goes around the corner.

The main objective is to smash those creatures to earn money. Every time she punches an enemy, money comes out. Use the money to bribe the enemies to fight against other enemies. Which means, you also gain your allies as well. Buy and recruit flunkies to unlock strong weapons and pieces of equipment to earn more money. Plus, master over 70 special moves but remember, you better grab some cash.

Reclaim the kingdom in the world where money is the key in Penny-Punching Princess for PlayStation Vita this March 19. Here at Playasia, this isometric brawler game is now available for pre-order. Click the button below to pre-order yours now!


Penny-Punching Princess, PS Vita, PlayStation Vita, gameplay, features, release date, price, trailer, screenshots

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch version of Penny-Punching Princess was released last April 2018 in the Western regions. The good news is we have stocks on the North America version of this game. Click the button below to secure your copies right now!


Read more about the Nintendo Switch and the digital version of the game here.



  • Cash Rules Everything Around Me – Fight smarter, not harder! Bribe your enemies to fight for you, or activate deadly traps to turn the tide of battle in this fast-paced brawler
  • Who Says You Can’t Buy Popularity – Recruit/Buy flunkies to your cause to unlock stronger equipment and master over 70 special moves based on weapons you craft!
  • A Madcap Romp of Dollars & Dragons – Embark on a wildly funny adventure as Princess, a girl robbed of her royal heritage in a world obsessed with money


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