Guacamelee! 2 for XB1 – Get ready for the most incredible Mexicaction!

Guacamelee! 2

Xbox™One Ι Genre: Luchadores Assemble!

Follow the path of a real national icon…El Santo!
Renowned as the most popular masked luchador from Mexico, he was a professional wrestler, actor, and many other things. During his 50 years of careers Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta (this was his real name) hadn’t fought only against the mightiest luchadores of his times, but as movie superstar, he won over hordes of zombies, Martian invaders, mad scientists, and vampires in more than 50 epic movies which are still considered a perfect example of Mexican superheroic genre.
The popularity of El Santo exceeded the borders of time and space, indeed he appeared in many other media such as the comic book series Batman ’66, and the Disney Pixar’s movie
To homage this folk hero, the indie company DrinkBox Studios has developed a brand new extreme action title for Xbox One: 
Guacamelee! 2.

Thanks to this 2D ultra-addictive Metroidvania game; you can discover the extreme colorful world of Mexican culture and folklore in such great way.
Step into the sparkling boots of Juan Aguacate, and fight your way across a vast world filled with evil minions controlled by an evil luchador from another dimension. Start with a fist drop…continue with a superkick…and then finish the enemies with an acrobatic swan-dive diving headbutt!
As a real lucha libre show, 
Guacamelee! 2 for XB1 exudes epicness. In addition, let your kids play with it because this game is absolutely a family-friendly one.

Feel the power, the pain, and the glory. Use all of your wits, ability, and hundreds of power-ups to pummel, pound, scratch, kick, and gouge your opponents to survive and get back your loved ones. Master each corner of the level while you discover more & more about the culture of Mexico; from the tasteful Sacred Guacamole to dig deep into not-so-known facts of its hopping culture and traditions that make this big country a must-visit one since Mayan era.

Fight against the most frightful creatures of the Latin American legends. Juan must be ready to perform his best moves to defeat the crying demon Llorona, the plaguing creature Chupacabra, or that nasty pale-skinned vampire known as Pishtaco. As a contemporary El Santo, you’re called to change your public image from an average wrestler into an enduring symbol of everything that’s good and right in Mexico.

Build and keep living your own legend. Wear the mask to become a larger-than-life presence in the picturesque pop-culture field. With his unique fighting style, and his iconic blue mask the game industry would be nothing without the appearance of Juan Aguacate. Thanks to Guacamelee! 2 for XB1 you will help him to fight against supernatural creatures, aliens, and of course, other wrestlers.

Alone or with other three friends you must be anytime, anywhere en llamas. All is set! This is an indie digital-only game in which you could really dip yourselves into.
¡Viva México!


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