Dragon’s Lair Trilogy for Nintendo Switch – Play the Laserclassics!!!

Dragon’s Lair Trilogy

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Interactive animated-movies

Do you know what a laser game is? Based on the LaserDisc; a technology born at the end of the 70s capable to offer higher-quality video and audio resolutions than videotapes, these kind of games were very popular during the whole 80s and part of the 90s. In fact, due to their incredible capacity to store a huge amount of video at a previously unexpected quality; some companies started to use it to release games who were very similar to cartoons and even live-action movies! If you know a little the gaming history, you’ll surely know that at the beginning of the 80s arcades were full of iconic characters such as Pac-Man, Qbert, Donkey Kong, and Jumpman (a.k.a. Mario), but their art-style was pixeled due to limited RAM of the CPUs. But, on a sunny day in May 1983, everything changed! Because in Japanese arcades a revolutionary game appeared; its title was Astron Belt, and it was published by Sega.

Inspired by the greatest sci-fi movies of that era (someone said Star Wars by chance?), Astron Belt welcomed the player in the cockpit of a spaceship which duty is to destroy the evil Alien Battle Cruiser. Featuring real video footage, and massive use of CG, in the first laser game many people could play an almost real space shooting game and enjoy the fantastic cosmicscapes made by planets, stars, galaxies, black holes, and much more! After it, several laser games spread out worldwide.

Some of them based on successful anime series like Lupin the Third or Space Battleship Yamato, some others based on popular sports like football, while other ones inspired by the good, old & wild western genre.
But among them, there are three titles who enter into the legend, and they are still played and loved by many people across the globe; obviously, we’re talking of Dragon’s Lair, Dragon’s Lair II: Timewarp, and Space Ace.

Created by Don Bluth, a former Disney’s animator which is also famous for movies like The Legend of NIHM, he guessed the potential of this new media trying to change it proposing something unique: an interactive movie in which the player could drive the story!
Thanks to the impossible (until then) combination of movie-quality art style, and interaction, for the first time a Disney-style cartoon was playable only for a quarter!

From today on you can enjoy these three laser-hits on your Nintendo Switch with Dragon’s Lair Trilogy!
Experience all the richness of these titles lovely presented in the classical animation style.

Starring the fearless knight Dirk the Daring, in Dragon’s Lair the player must rescue her loved princess Daphne who has been kidnapped by the evil fire-breathing dragon Singe. No other would dare enter in his castle, but Dirk would do everything for her, even go deep in the castle’s dungeons to challenge haunted ghost armors, lizard kings, mud men, and many other obstacles to save her! It’s time for heroes, make the right move at the right time to reach the Dragon’s Lair!

Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp is set some years after the first adventure. Dirk and Daphne are living peacefully in the countryside. But troubles are always around the corner, especially if you’re a real hero. Indeed the evil wizard Mordroc has planned to marry the princess at any cost. But this time the main question isn’t “where is she?” but “WHEN is she?” using his great powers Mordroc put her in the Time Warp dimension, a very dangerous side-world that can be reached only using a time machine.
Travel among mythical and historical eras, to reach your wife before Mordroc place the Death Ring upon Daphne’s finger and she will be lost forever in the Time Warp!

And then travel from long-forgotten past to the distant future with Space Ace! The evil alien commander Borf has kidnapped the beautiful Kimberly. Unfortunately for him, she’s the girlfriend of Dexter the Space Ace; galactically renowned as the greatest hero of the future Earth. Using the “Infanto Ray”, a weapon that can change everyone into a helpless baby, Borf has planned to enslave humankind, but Dexter is a real action hero! Wielding a tiny laser gun, he’s determined to find and destroy the dreadful weapon to rescue Kimberly, and save the Earth!
You have only a few hours left, but you can do it! 
After all, you’re a superhero, right?

Dirk the Daring, Daphne, Singe, Mordroc, Dexter, Borf, and Kimberly are just waiting for you!
Embark on an epic journey to save the past, the present, and the future; oh brave player, are you skilled enough to enter into the legend? Discover it only digitally with Dragon’s Lair Trilogy for Nintendo Switch, if you dare!


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