Resident Evil 2 for PS4, XB1 & Steam – There’s a new Virus in town!

Resident Evil 2

PlayStation®4, Xbox™One, Steam Ι Genre: Survival Horror

Umbrella Corporation is your health journey partner. Nowadays almost one-third of the world’s population does not have access to quality healthcare solutions; due to this fact, our main mission is to find the best ways to ensure people get the treatments they need and improving their quality of life fostering the prevention through our integrated care program.
We globally focus on one objective: improve the access to healthcare offering high-quality medications for all the underserved populations. Cooperating with several NGOs all around the world to help the individuals affected by with non-communicable diseases, contributing to the control and subsequent elimination of infectious diseases, and fighting against falsified medicines. The innovation is in the DNA of the Umbrella Corporation, our scientists are open to any kind of innovations also working closely with healthcare players, academia, start-ups, and policymakers. Combining our expertise with the most sophisticated technologies, we’re the #1 pharmaceutical company for reinvention and growth.
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Founded in the late 60s, the Umbrella Corporation has been until 2003 one of the leading pharmaceutical companies of the world. In charge of it, there were three brilliant scientists who inspired by the Natural History Conspectus compiled by Henry Travis started to study the hidden beneficial properties of the lethal viruses. The researches proceed quickly until September 29, 1998; when the t-Virus spread uncontrolled in the small town of Raccoon City; transforming all the living beings into zombies. At that time only two people investigated on this tragic incident; the young police officer Leon Scott Kennedy, and the Chris’ young sister Claire Redfield. They’ve worked together relentlessly to discover all about this outbreak and eventually escape from the town. Created by Shinji Mikami and directed by Hideki Kamiya, the Resident Evil series is the first and greatest survival horror series ever release; with more than 85 million of copies sold worldwide its popularity crossed the borders of video games to appear also in dozens of movies, comic books, and even novels.

Without any doubt, the most beloved chapter is the 2nd one, due to its innovative features such as multiple gameplay scenarios, huge 3D environments, and an immersive horror story. Finally, a new astonishing version of this gem will swarm out from the Umbrella’s laboratories. Prepare yourself to RE:start an adventure of epic proportions with Resident Evil 2 for PS4, XB1, and Steam. Aged like a fine wine, this RE:make includes hordes of flesh-hungry monsters, mind-blowing puzzles, and the traditional intense & unforgettable cliffhangers will make both veterans and rookies very very happy!

Get ready to face hordes of famished “Bio-Organic Weapons” across a revamped Raccoon City digitally or physically. Resident Evil 2 for PS4, XB1, and Steam is even more frightening thanks to HD graphics, improved animations, and much more… If you’re afraid of the dark we suggest you play with them in a very bright room! Hahahaha…


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