Horror Sense: Daruma-san ga Koronda for PSVR – Beware! Evil spirits ahead!

Horror Sense: Daruma-san ga Koronda

PlayStation®VR Ι Genre: Enter the haunted mansion

So, you think you’re a brave person able to challenge the limits of fear…
Hordes of zombies and genetically mutated creatures are your daily bread, cool! So, the time to push yourself a little over has come. Skip the line and head straight into a new kind of terror with Horror Sense: Daruma-san ga Koronda for PSVR!
You know in the last years the Survival Horror genre relied more on action than survival, and this brand new adventure is a sort of remedy to the lack of thrilling. All have started in a dark night, you woke up in an unknown bed located inside an unknown mansion; your heart throbbing, your forehead sweating and your muscles seem full of lactic acid. You don’t remember what happened, and worst of all you have no idea which is the place you have found yourself in; there is much to know but such little time. In addition, you can feel a dark presence behind you; it’s like a cold hand falling on your shoulder.
You must escape from there…put on your VR Visor and get inside the most haunted mansion of Japan.

Bringing an incredibly immersive and extreme haunted experience; Horror Sense: Daruma-san ga Koronda for PSVR is absolutely not suitable for the faint of heart. Confront yourself by all of your wildest nightmares and beyond, while you wander through confined rooms, underground tunnels, and get lost in pitch black. Face supernatural enemies without any kind of weapons; this game is more focused on survival and escapes mechanics in order to let you feel powerless. Luckily, you will not entirely helpless though, with access to various secret locations through mind-shaking puzzles, in there you can find useful advice and items that will make your escape a little bit easier.

Impalpable shapes emerge from dark corners, eerie sounds draw closer, decrepit passageways lead to sights so horrifying that they will feed your nightmares for weeks; overcoming boundaries between reality and dreamworld. Horror Sense: Daruma-san ga Koronda for PSVR is Japanese horror pure which makes your hair stand.
Explore the depths of the nightmare in which you’re the one and only protagonist, and use all of your smartness, wits, and not least courage to unravel all the mysteries surrounding the old house.
Be careful! The spirits don’t accept your intrusion, and they will do everything they can to take you into their dimension.

You know, the horror spans generations, and the surreal story of the digital-only Horror Sense: Daruma-san ga Koronda for PSVR blurs the fine line between the nightmare and reality.
Don’t hesitate, search for clues and unlock the deadly secrets that lie between the two dimensions!


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