Genesis: Alpha One for PS4 & XB1 – Witness the humankind greatest triumph!

Genesis: Alpha One

PlayStation®4, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Colonization begins!

Humans have always tried to expand their reach into the unknown darkness of space! What until a few years ago was a sci-fi concept is becoming real due to scientific, technological and social achievements. The pioneer of space colonization was Krafft Ehricke, which was also known as the “ambassador of space”. His three Laws of Aeronautics inspired many people who aim to occupy the sidereal space to reach where no man has gone before.

  • Nobody and nothing under the natural laws of this universe imposes any limitations on man, except man himself.
  • Not only the Earth, but the entire Solar System, and as much of the universe as he can reach under the laws of nature, are man’s rightful domain of activity.
  • By expanding throughout the universe, man fulfills his destiny as an element of life, endowed with the power of reason and the wisdom of the moral law within himself.

If we read them carefully, we’ll discover that in the near future humankind will not have any other alternative that expands beyond Earth for several reasons including wars, economic inequality, and pollution; this will lead all of us to create artificial ecosystems that can ensure people’s survival.
Starting from this point of view, actually many companies cooperate with nations to develop long-term space programs that could take us into previously unexplored territories rising up a brand new culture for all the humans.

Anyway, for common people, this is just a mere theory (so far…), but you could try to experience a colonization program playing with Genesis: Alpha One for PS4 and XB1! Inspired by science fiction classic sagas such as Dan Simmons’ Hyperion Cantos or Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy; in this game, you’re in charge of a squad which has set the Milky Way planets as their first target for colonization.

If it’ll succeed, humanity will reach a new zeitgeist; taking one step closer to the heavens that have forever looked down on this insignificant species.
In order to check all for the eventual global exodus; you’re called to manage the onboard life of the magnificent Genesis starship. Explore the cosmos for new resources, and establish contact with dozens of alien lifeforms.

With the precious help of you, and your crew makes a planet finally habitable; a new place among the stars in which mankind can call it home. As everyone knows, the universe is a huge place inhabited by hundreds of millions of civilizations. Some of them will be friendly, and some not…so be always ready to fight against aggressive & frightful beings that only desire is the total annihilation of our race. Mixing roguelike, ship management, and FPS genres into one amazing game; Genesis: Alpha One for PS4 and XB1 will let you experience almost impossible situations in outer space!

This title will let you assume a sort of extraterrestrial outlook, showing our species from a new and different angle. Prepare to cancel the difference between “terrestrial” and “extraterrestrial” concepts digitally or physically, the truth is that nowadays we are aliens for ourselves, but we still have to realize it!


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