Song of Memories for PS4 – Love of my life, I’ll save you…

Song of Memories

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Apocalyptic Visual Novel

Have you ever heard of The Portopia Serial Murder Case?
This game originally released in June 1983 for NEC PC-6001 (and then in 1985 for Famicom) is universally considered the first visual novel game. Designed by Yuji Horii (the creator of Dragon Quest series), and published by Enix, with this game filled with mystery, non-linear gameplay, and an open world he tried to introduce the western text adventures to Japanese gamers. Due to its good reception, plus an advanced verb-noun parser it helped to define the whole visual novel genre as we know it today; inspiring superstars like Hideo Kojima who, after playing it decided to join the industry, and develop innovative adventure games.

Since then, thousands of different adventures have been released from all the systems both in Japan and abroad; extremely eclectic for stories and characters the visual novels have exploited all kind of situations from the most innocent to the itchiest. Some of them became very big hits who transcended the game industry to appear also in anime, manga, music albums, and a plethora of different products; just think of Tokimeki Memorial or Steins;Gate!

Surprisingly this Friday a new sci-fi romantic adventure will reach the PS4 port, and it’ll be fully translated in English; keep close your antiviral medicines because Song of Memories is coming!
In the near future a mysterious virus that only infects women spread worldwide, these people call themselves the “new breed of humans”, and like the mutants led by Magneto, they believe that will become the dominant life form on the planet.

To prevent this, there’s only one weapon who can stop the spread of the infection: the power of love.
Part visual novel, part rhythm game & part RPG Song of Memories for PS4, take the genre toward new incredible heights, to offer to all of us something really E P I C !
Featuring six different multi-branched stories, and a fully animated anime-style cast; this title will let you take difficult decisions not only for the sake of the ones close to you but for all humankind.

Even if cheerful, and colorful topside; Song of Memories for PS4 contains a mature plot with a lot of terrifying twists and turns that will drop your jaw to the floor. Talk with people, create bonds, collect pieces of evidence, and choose your own path to discover the origin of this bizarre infection.
The soundtrack deserves a special mention. Indeed, the anime idol band Dream4You performed all the songs. And the five members can be summoned to help you to save the planet.

Delve into a wondrous apocalyptic world full of whimsical characters, charming puzzles and perilous dangers digitally or physically; this enchanting sci-fi romantic story has a lot of surprises, play it extensively to save the love your life…and live happily forever!


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