The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince for PS4 & NS – Wonder awaits you…

The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Interactive Poem

Once upon a time,
there was an enchanted forest so that no one human could stay there because a she-wolf always haunted it. Despite her enchanting voice; everyone was afraid by her scary appearance.
But one day a prince heard her chants and walked to her without fear. To be fair when the she-wolf finishes the song he applauded, surprised by this unexpected situation she saw a richly dressed boy, and despite the first impulse was to eat him, she ignored the prince…
Night after night they “meet” at long distance without exchange any word. One night the creature couldn’t hear the usual clap of hands, and she saw that the prince walk nearer and nearer to see the artist behind all those incredible songs. Scared and confused; she tried to cover the Prince’s eyes with her large paw, but you know, my readers, that a she-wolf is incredibly powerful, and accidentally she took his eyes leaving him unconscious and blind in the heart of the forest.
When a soldier found him; he brings him back to the castle. But the king and the queen jailed the poor boy in a dark, cold cell with the face wrapped by many bandages.
Feeling guilty for what she did, the monster decided to sneak into the castle, to check his conditions, and finding him in a terrible state; she decided to rescue the poor hopeless boy from a tragic fate…

If you like deeply emotional adventures; then The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince for PS4 and Nintendo Switch is the title for you! Heavily inspired by classic fairy tales, this is more than a simple game; this is a playable poem in which you’ll control the she-wolf helping the Prince to recapture the freedom. Crafted with verse and rhyme, you’ll be called to travel through the beautiful yet dark forest in search of the mysterious witch, the only one who can grant the people wishes.

Inhabited by spirits, man-eating creatures, and even powerful colossal yetis since the moment you’ll start it; you’ll discover that this journey through the heart of the forest looks to be as magical as promised. If you love games like Ico, Limbo or Inside; we’re sure that you’ll be amazed also from this new adventure. Invoking a large number of different emotions, The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince for PS4 and Switch is made entirely through a wonderful 2D storybookesque art style, and this is the best way to interpret all the feelings of friendship, love, and loss of a boy and a she-wolf united by the vicissitudes of life.

Several puzzles, magical creatures, and much more separate you to a happy ever after destiny…in addition, the echoing sounds of tiny footsteps will help to immerse yourself into a richer atmosphere.
Despair, wonder, joy…get into the action of this interactive fairy tale while you help them to leave behind the worlds where they belong, and find their new path to each other.

Do your part in this majestic journey through the ancient forest in search of the witch; explore all its corners to find unique gifts that can unlock new parts of the story. Armed with wits, claws, and magic, The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince for PS4 and Nintendo Switch is the enchanting tale of two lonely hearts who chase a better life.
Embark on a magical world digitally or physically, and learn to navigate through the unknown, using the she-wolf power to guide and protect the Prince!


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