Catherine: Full Body for PS4 & PSVita – Play it again, Rin…

Catherine: Full Body

PlayStation®4, PlayStation®Vita Ι Genre: Nightmarish Puzzle Game

Vincent Brooks is an average programmer permanently broke!
Engaged to Katherine McBride, who really would like to marry him; he’s an immature individual who when doesn’t work spends all his free time with his friends at the Stray Sheep bar. One night, he met an enigmatic, seductive girl called Catherine, and since their first meeting, the life of Vincent radically changes. Truly represent Vincent’s ideal woman; she has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a remarkable body, but that’s not all! Indeed, her character is cheerful, eccentric, and bubbly…this represents all that Vincent would like to be: a free soul. Due to this, he’ll find himself swept into a treacherous love triangle where the real and the dream worlds melt together in an intense adventure about the delicate nature of relationships (and the choices that affect them)!
Released in 2011 for PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360; Catherine is a mature puzzle adventure game focused on free will, and thanks to its terror‐filled gameplay, who accurately reflect Vincent’s growing anxieties, it was one of the big hits of the past generation…
Now, eight years later Catherine, Vincent, and Katherine return on PS4 and PSVita with Catherine: Full Body!

The original love triangle has changed into a complicated love quadrangle. The new girl who will pep up the life of Vincent is Rin. Gentle, and empathetic, this pink haired new character works as a pianist at the Stray Sheep, and due to a bizarre concatenation of circumstances, their paths cross.
Like in the previous episode, even in Catherine: Full Body dor PS4, and PSVita, every night; Vincent falls into a nightmarish abyss where he has to climb multiple flights of stairs to escape, and strange sheep-men go after him, seeking to kick him into the hellhole. If he ends there, it’ll be a game over, Catherine, Katherine, and Rin will tear him apart. And soon he can’t tell between reality and the nightmare…
Also, to make the adventure more interesting; the developers inserted new endings, new episodes, and some hot sexy events who will make this game a totally new experience wholly unlike to any other one.

From the alluring to the grand and eerie, this game has everything. Everything has a dangerous edge in Catherine: Full Body for PS4, and PSVita; colorful and dark at the same time it has a layer of malice that any fan of mature-themed stories couldn’t afford to miss. A horde of sheep-men will repopulate the Vincent dreams, and only with your precious help he’ll be able to escape from the horrors caused by a one-night stand with the beautiful Catherine, by the wrath of his longtime girlfriend Katherine, or by the amnesia of the new neighbor Rin.

How much excitement can you take? Feel your blood pressure and adrenaline rise to new levels from the very beginning. Providing a visually astonishing anime-style art; Catherine: Full Body for PS4 and PSVita offers you a large number of events, and messages that you might not want to show your family. But you have nothing to worry about; because every secret stays so, only Vincent, Catherine, Katherine, Rin, and YOU will know the truth.
Their eyes are slanted upwards like cats’ eyes and the curve of her lips is anything by innocent; meet the three women who fly men over ecstasies to dispense more seductive charms and nightmares. Catherine, Katherine, and Rin surely know how to pose; laced with temptation in this game you’ll face all the fears of a common man, try to overcome them digitally or physically!


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