SoulCalibur VI | Sharpens Its Sword for EVO Japan 2019

SoulCalibur, SoulCalibur VI, PS4, XONE, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Us, Europe, Australia, Japan, Asia, EVO Japan, EVO Japan 2019

SoulCalibur VI

PlayStation 4™ & Xbox One™ – US, EU, AU, JAPAN & ASIA


During The Game Awards 2017, Bandai Namco revealed in a worldwide premiere that the SoulCalibur franchise will get a sequel. Finally, after October 2018, SoulCalibur VI has now sharpened its sword for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. SoulCalibur VI is the sixth main entry to the SoulCalibur series. This is developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and produced by Project Soul. This game is the celebration of the franchise’s 20th anniversary according to the producer Motohiro Okubo.  Also, this is one of the featured tournament games in this year’s EVO JAPAN 2019.

After six years, the SoulCalibur series is back on track with this game. The game sets in the 16th century as it revisits the events of the first SoulCalibur game to unveil the hidden truth. Just like the predecessors of the SoulCalibur franchise, the gameplay involves weapon-wielding combats battling against your opponents on a 3D enhanced graphics with the Unreal Engine 4. A brand-new gameplay feature is known as the Reversal Edge. It allows you to defend against the oncoming attack and counter it with a strike back with a slow-motion effect.

SoulCalibur VI is one of the main headline games for EVO Japan 2019. So, if you cannot come to Fukuoka, Japan, grab our copies right now on our website. Click the button below to secure your copies right now!


SoulCalibur, SoulCalibur VI, PS4, XONE, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Us, Europe, Australia, Japan, Asia, EVO Japan, EVO Japan 2019

But that’s not all if you are a collector, you might want to consider the Collector’s Edition of SoulCalibur VI. It’s still available on our website. Click the button below to grab your Collector’s Edition right now! So, what are the inclusions of this Collector’s Edition? See it below folks.

Box contents

  • Collector’s Edition Box
  • SoulCalibur VI Full Game
  • Metal Case with Built-in Soundbox
  • 12″ Collectable Sophitia Figure
  • 120-Page Artbook
  • Soundtrack on Disc


SoulCalibur, SoulCalibur VI, PS4, XONE, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Us, Europe, Australia, Japan, Asia, EVO Japan, EVO Japan 2019

Are you looking for an arcade stick that suitable for your PlayStation 4? Well, Hori has released a Special Arcade Stick for SoulCalibur VI. This is a tournament-grade fighting stick that brings you the feel of playing an arcade. It features the original Hayabusa joystick and matte Hayabusa buttons suitable to increase the accuracy, extend durability and reduce input time. And, this is available on our website with a discount of 13%. So, what are you waiting? Grab this sleek arcade stick for your SoulCalibur VI. Click the button below to grab this one now!


If you missed what’s going to happen in EVO Japan 2019, you can check out our coverage about the biggest esports event in the world and pick up everything you need to know about the prestigious tournament. Follow the link in the button below.


Read more about the game here.



  • The legendary weapon-based 3D fighting game returns to its roots
  • A complete roster of returning characters and newcomer
  • An epic story mode of the struggle for the two swords
  • Unreal Engine: For the first time in franchise history, beautiful and jaw-dropping 3D character models, visual effects and stages rendered in Unreal Engine.
  • New Battle Mechanics: Read opponents’ attacks to execute a strategic Reversal Edge to land a counter attack while in guard.
  • Multiple Fighting Styles: Choose from a worldly roster of warriors, each with their own deadly weapons, fighting styles and visual flare.
  • Dynamic Battles: Spectacular, high-speed battles featuring all-new battle mechanics taking gameplay to the next level.


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