Top of the Week – Let’s see the next hits for PS4, XB1, NS, and PC!

A new week has started, and many brand new adventures are landing on your gaming machine; don’t waste your time with boring daily activities and gather your friends ‘cause many great titles will bring unforgettable experiences straight to you!
Check here below a rundown of the 
Top of the Week games. Action, adventure, puzzle, strategy, and more await for you; there’s always something for everyone which promises many hours of exciting gameplay and incredible fun!

Have you ever wished you could magically change the past? Well, now you can, and it’s easier than expected!
Indeed, you don’t need any heavy tome written in a hodgepodge of ancient languages, but a computer and a modified microwave device are enough. If you love well-written cyberpunk stories, then you’ll be happy to know that Steins;Gate Elite will arrive tomorrow for PS4, and Nintendo Switch!
Bringing a brand new story in the acclaimed Science Fiction visual novel franchise, you’ll join a team of tech-savvy students who will experience a spiral of danger and conspiracy in which the secret organization known as SERN will move the pieces on the timeline to re;create the future!
Fusing time travel and string theories, Steins;Gate Elite for PS4 and Switch is a fully animated visual novel in which you must be ready to enter in the darker and more mind-blowing dystopian world!

Is this the real life or is this just fantasy?
World Odyssey is a brand new fantasy-themed digital world in which many fabulous creatures coexist; created by Arata Mizunashi and Shina Ninomiya this place is filled with unbelievable wonders that exploit the latest technology. But what if the characters who live in there, would acquire their own personality? Discover it with Death end re;Quest for PS4!
Telling a cyberfantasy story in which real & virtual world melt together, in this JRPG you’ll be called to investigate what exactly happens during the development. Face thousands of glitched-out monsters, find your path in intricated dungeons, discover hidden treasures, and like a modern Alice follow the white rabbit to find a way out from all this madness!

And now…something completely different from any other game you’ve played so far!
Enter into the surrealistic dreamworld of YUMENIKKI Dream Diary for Nintendo Switch; if you ever read little Nemo in Slumberland, you’ll be surely aware that inside your dreams anything is possible. Filled with bizarre scenes, mind-blowing puzzles, and arcade-style challenges, this unique title for Switch will let you experience on your own, your best dreams, and your worst nightmares.
Absolutely experimental, and unpredictable; someone will find it uproariously funny, while some others will find it strange and unsettling. The best thing to do is to try it and decide for yourself. Because one thing is certain: there has never been a game like this!

異議あり! Or perhaps even… OBJECTION!
Unveil the truth on PS4, and Switch with Gyakuten Saiban 123 Naruhodo Selection; in this new remastered compilation which contains the first three cases argued by Phoenix Wright you’ll relive all the epic back and forth exchanges that made this series so great.
If you never had a chance to experience Capcom’s amazingly popular courtroom drama, this is the best way to live three of the best forensic stories in which a huge dose of acumen and a terrific patter are essential. Investigate of mysterious crimes, expose the inconsistencies, and the truth comes out; just remember that with Gyakuten Saiban 123 Naruhodo Selection for PS4 and Switch no lie lives forever!

Adapted for a variety of different tasks, the Javelin exosuits are the perfect solution to survive in the harshest conditions. Wearing this versatile system, you can overcome any kind of challenge, reducing injury risk while remaining comfortable all day; composed of upgradable modules these special exosuits can be worn, and enhanced independently in any combination, depending on need.
In Anthem for PS4, XB1, and PC you can help a bunch of freelancers to make Fort Tarsis, an unexplored savage planet, habitable for the human beings. Using an arsenal of weaponry and abilities, let’s start a terraforming process but beware…this dystopian world is filled with mysteries and dangers.
Explore every corner of Fort Tarsis, you’ll enjoy an epic journey into the unknown!

Get excited because this Thursday a new bullet hell shoot ’em up will land on Nintendo Switch!
Providing insanely fast-paced gameplay mechanics & fantastic 32-Bit art style, Devil Engine is the new adrenaline pumping game that must be present onto all the must-have lists for any Switch owner with a love for bullet hell shooters. Featuring three different weapon styles, six long stages, eight game modes, hundreds of enemies, and thousands of bullets; if you expect excellence you’ll be not disappointed at all!
Pumped up with hardcore biomechanical monsters, and heavy-hitting machines, your mission is to reshape the future one shoot at a time…

It’s MM Time!
Get ready to bring a huge amount of Moe & Mayhem on your Nintendo Switch, with the tough gals of Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match DX. In an alternate reality of this hugely popular series; tank-combat is considered to be a traditional form of sports. Similar to martial arts, the sensha-dō activity is directed exclusively to the schoolgirls who can pilot World War II era tanks. In this new installment, you must engage dozens of matches against the strongest academies of the world, in burning hot inter-school championships; to participate you need only to join the ranks and control every tank within your squad. Miho Nishizumi and her team need you.
Feel the way of the tank with the action-filled Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match DX for Switch!

These are the Top of the Week games! Get one (or more) of them for insane “too good to be true” prices, traditionally provided with our traditional faster-than-light digital delivery!

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