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Death end re;Quest

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Cyber JRPG

Like the legendary video game company Tuckersoft, also the Japanese developer Enigma reached the peak of the global notoriety to vanish suddenly after a few months. Founded by Shinya Ninomiya, he and his close friend Arata Mizunashi opened this little company to work on several games, but without any doubt, their biggest title was the MMORPG World’s Odyssey.
Presented as the most ambitious project of its era; this game was a fantasy choose-your-own-adventure. Indeed the players could move freely in a huge open world to live their own stories that weren’t based on a fixed plot, but on the choice of the gamers. Highly acclaimed from the press; World’s Odyssey would reach the shops very soon when an unexpected event changed all the plans decreeing the end of the company; the disappearance of Shinya Ninomiya!
This led to the end of both Enigma, and World’s Odyssey…

But when a project is so highly advanced, you can’t stop it easily! Indeed after a long pause; the game has returned in a more grotesque version filled with oddities including threating monsters, glitches, bizarre NPCs, and much more. Due to this; Arata soon discovered that Shinya has been captured in this digital world and that fragments of his soul are scattered between the lines of code. But Shina wasn’t really vanished; she became a character of this adventure, and only with your help she’ll be able to get back into the real world…
Ladies and gentlemen, you’re all invited to enter into the cyber wonderland of Death end re;Quest for PS4!

In this JRPG, you’ll follow the adventures of Shina during her attempts to achieve the perfect ending; the only way to return home. Aided by many unconventional avatars including the princess Lily Hopes, the beastly traveling merchant Rook, and young bubbly adventurer Al Astra.
She will face the Ludens, a mysterious army which members are obsessed with power, and to gain it, they don’t hesitate to use pain, fear, and brute force. Wander far and wide in a whimsical world; Death end re;Quest for PS4 is another exciting JRPG from Idea Factory & Compile Heart. Its interesting meta-concept is something that all gamers are familiar with; featuring a turn-based command battle system which is equally strategic and exciting, delve deeply into the cyber world of World’s Odyssey which is also filled with many gorgeous anime-style characters.
Side-quests, powerful equipment, avatar customization, and a great story; this is the recipe for a good time!

For those who love the RPG genre, Death end re;Quest for PS4 is also a lovely homage to the cyberpunk literature. If you’re tired of bucket loads of generic medieval RPGs, and you need to play with a very original title, give a chance to this game full of creativity, heroism, and eccentricity, digitally or physically.
This is something that all gamers can look forward to, especially those who love epic cyberpunk stories, indelible electro music, and Japanese pop-culture!


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