Fate/Extella Link: Release Date Unveiled for North America Version!

Fate/Extella Link, US, Europe, PS4, Switch, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, release date, update

Fate/Extella Link

PlayStation 4™ & Nintendo™ Switch – US & EU


Are you waiting for the news about the official release date for the Western localization for Fate/Extella Link? If you are, well, for North American fans, this is the time as XSEED Games, the publisher responsible for the release of Fate/Extella Link in North America has a new announcement.

XSEED Games has announced that the North American localization for Fate/Extella Link is coming this March 19th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC. However, the European release has no schedule as of now. Let’s wait for the official announcement from Marvelous Europe. To commemorate with the news of the official release date, XSEED Games has released announcement trailers and screenshots for this Servant action game.

See the announcement trailers and brand new screenshots of Fate/Extella Link below.

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The game sets in the events after Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star where the servants and the master battle for the right to be on the Moon Cell Automaton’s owner ceremony conflict also known as the Holy Grail War. The Master and Nero won the Holy Grail War. Their prize is the Regalia. The Regalia is a ring that proves their authority over the Servant in Fate/Extella universe. However, a team led by Tamamo with Altera the Destroyer of Civilization defy them. As a result, the world of Extella is on the verge of brutality and violence.  A new servant named Charlemagne sets foot to the world of Extella, and his story will unfold in this game.

Fate/Extella Link, US, Europe, PS4, Switch, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, release date, update

The Western Version of Fate/Extella Link is now available for pre-order here at Playasia. Click the button below to pre-order yours now!


Read more about the game here.


Picking up right where the 2017 smash hit Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star left off, Fate/Extella Link adds 10 Servants to the original roster of 16. The high-speed action gameplay has been refined, and players will battle their way through massive invading armies to protect the virtual world of SE.RA.PH from an invading force. Players on PlayStation 4 can now engage in massive four-on-four online battles with up to seven other players. Foes will quiver at the True Name of players’ Noble Phantasms as they assume the role of their favorite Servant.


  • Combatants from Across the Fate Universes Join the Fray – In addition to the 16 original Servants from Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star, 10 characters from other Fate series will enter battle as playable Servants, including Astolfo, Scathach, and Francis Drake
  • Hunker Down in Base Camp – Players can move freely around their army’s base camp—a medieval cathedral raised into the sky—and interact with their Servants to build meaningful bonds
  • Polished Graphics and Battle Mechanics – Players can experience refined combat mechanics and graphics through the game


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