Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mash Kyrielight for PSVR – Meet the Servants!

Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mash Kyrielight

PlayStation®VR Ι Genre: Senpai VR Simulation

If you’ve already played with Fate/Grand Order, you’ll surely know who Mash Kyrielight is.
Created by gene technology, she’s the very first model of Servant; obeying to the Marisbury Animusphere’s orders, Mashu has been created as the prototype vessel of Heroic Spirits. Known also as Legendary Souls; these Spirits are the otherworldly manifestations of a handful of great heroes and heroines that have influenced history achieving formidable objectives. Thanks to these types of artificial containers, they can be “captured”, and used in battle as Servants. So far, five categories of Spirits are known: Human, Earth, Heaven, Star, and Beast; each category have different skills and powers that could change the outcome of a clash in a very unexpected way. For example, the Earth Spirits are strongly related to human mythologies, and these kinds of Servants can summon magical creatures like Kelpies, Chimeras, Unicorns, and even…Moby Dick; while the Star’s ones belong to people who profoundly changed the fate of humanity, for example, Alexander the Great, Jeanne d’Arc, Cleopatra or Jack the Ripper! With so much wonderful potential; since the creation of Mash Kyrielight, the development of Servants continued relentlessly to provide even more powerful vessels to win the last Holy Grail Wars, a series of conflicts that since 1800 sees the greatest world’s masters face each other to own this sacred relic.

Now it’s time to act like a real tutor, and train Mash to face all the life’s hardships with a PSVR visor, and Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mash Kyrielight!

As the Master of this shielder servant; you’ll be her tutor guiding her through the problems she’s having trouble with. Talk with her as much as you can because all the time unspent and the words unsaid will deepen the gap between you two. The delicate art style springs out the heroic, but gentle, atmosphere of this unique game. If you pay attention you can understand the feelings of Mash from her body language. Traveling extensively with her to acquire even more precious and rare relics; they will help you to become a better master, and Mash to gain self-confidence in her abilities.
Work hard every day to take good care of her! You know, life is filled with tough decisions, especially when you must train an inexperienced young girl in the best way possible!
Playing with Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mash Kyrielight for PSVR you’ll enter a world where the right relationship can help you to improve your knowledge of the world, and also climb the social ladder to become one of the most renowned Masters of the Chaldea Security Organization.

Let the responsibility begins! In this wonderful Senpai VR Simulation, you’ll delve into a brand new original story. Discover a lot of previously undisclosed facts about Servants’ creation and Holy Wars. With your precious advice, you can help her to choose which strategies to adopt, which powers to develop, and also which moral choices to make; all of this will shape her personality and determine which kind of Servant she’ll become.
Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mash Kyrielight for PSVR today, build up a relationship with your Servant, make it a better android, and we’re pretty sure that you’ll find it increasingly difficult to turn the PSVR off!


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