Dear or Alive 6 for PS4, and XB1 – Fight with style!

Dead or Alive 6

PlayStation®4, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Hardcore Fighting Game

Developed by Team Ninja, the more than 20-year series of Dead or Alive is one of the most popular ones ever appeared on console!
Arisen on Sega Saturn the first episode has been developed on the arcade system board’s Sega Model 2; capable of incredible performance, on it has been developed some of the greatest arcade titles including Daytona USA, Virtua Fighter 2, Virtual On: Cyber Troopers, and The House of the Dead. Even if only eight fighters were present; the original Dead or Alive was probably the most innovative 3D fighting game of the late-90s.
Due to its apparently simple command system that allows the players to perform (very) long combos, a revolutionary environmental action called Danger Zone in which the characters took extra damage, and a voluptuous breast physics that made thousands of players very happy.
Taking inspiration from Fatal Fury, and Virtua Fighter series; Dead or Alive objective was to be the definitive fighting game, and we can claim without a doubt that they achieved it. Due to its overwhelming reception from both critic, and players, and with more than 10 million copies sold worldwide, this series got 5 main sequels, dozens of spin-offs & a live action movie!

Its story is focused on the same name tournament held by the megacorporation DOATEC (a.k.a. Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee); for unknown reasons, they arrange this annual competition to find the greatest martial artists of the planet. Some of them join it only for the money, others for revenge, and some other ones for unveiled personal reasons. So far five tournaments have been held. During each of them, unexpected twists and turns about fighters, and DOATEC activities coming out; revealing an intricated plot worthy of some of the great spy-stories ever written. You’ve still one to train as hard as you can, ’cause this Friday the brand new Dead or Alive 6 for PS4, and XB1 will be released!

Providing new characters such as the cyber Finnish researcher NiCO & the American street fighter Diego, new arenas located in unforgettable locations, and new gameplay mechanics like the insanely powerful Fatal Rush or the special Break Gauge systems; the new DOA installment reaches new higher heights setting a new standard for the whole genre.
All the gorgeous heroines and the mighty warriors come to life in Dead or Alive 6 for PS4, and XB1.  More spectacular and more damaging than ever; in this new championship, only the strongest will survive…while all the others will face a tragic fate.

Who is going to be the last one standing? Well, this depends on your fighting skills!
Step into the ring, and hit your way to become the new champion; force your opponents into the Danger Zones, and give a new meaning to the word pain.
Prepare the mind and the body digitally or physically for the challenge! Master all the styles, and defeat all the aspiring superstars; a new champion is kicking in, and you’ll be the one!
Release your deadly inner force with Dead or Alive 6 for PS4, and XB1 and risk all to get the ultimate prize…your life!


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