Bullet Girls Phantasia Price Cut + Multi-Language Version Due Out on March 28th!

Bullet Girls Phantasia, H2 Interactive, Asia, English, price, release date, features, gameplay, pre-order, PlayStation 4, PS4, Multilanguage

Bullet Girls Phantasia

PS4™ & PS Vita – Asia

Haven’t got the chance to play Bullet Girls Phantasia before because of its expensive price? Worry no more! H2 Interactive will release a Price Cut + Multi-Language Asia version of the game this coming March 28th for the PlayStation 4 & PS Vita systems.

Enjoy the game with Japanese voiceovers and English + Traditional Chinese for the subtitles.


Bullet Girls Phantasia Price Cut + Multi-Language version is now up for grabs here at Playasia!

You still have over a week to pre-order the game until its release.

What are you waiting for? Click the button below to join these Bullet Girls on their mission on March 28th.

Bullet Girls Phantasia, H2 Interactive, Asia, English, price, release date, features, gameplay, pre-order, PlayStation 4, PS4, Multilanguage


What do you expect from a Bullet Girls title?

Shooting and poof! Revealing clothes here and there, this is somewhat exciting especially if you really love ecchi games.

From Ranger Club, the girls were transferred into an alternate fantasy world. Players will fight against a massive crowd of gigantic orcs and slimes. Although it is set in a fantasy world, you’ll have access to modern-day armaments like rifles and shotguns while in character as the Ranger Club girls. On the other hand, you can also use swords and spells when shifted as the girls from the fantasy world.

In case you do not know, the “Interrogation Training” is the key feature of the series. Players have the power to tickle or somehow annoy the girls in this feature. They can either use the good/bad and soft/hard touches. This is purely for training missions and is essential to the story.

Moreover, various interrogation items are presented during the play. These include pacifiers, water guns, condensed milk and more. The girl’s mood varies depending upon the item used in the interrogation process. They also provide different responses too.

In fact, the company released a trailer for the game which is totally different from the usual. The video introduces the reverse interrogation feature of the game. It’s now waifus turn to interrogate you.

Since this is an ecchi game, this is most likely added to turn on the players. Especially for those who have their masochist side. (No offense, dude.) They will give you the option to choose between soft and hard to get the best outcome.

Do you like it hard or soft? You can watch the video below.

(Warning: This video is NSFW)

You can check out more trailers for the game below as well as the features and screenshots in the gallery.



  • Revealing outfits on the battlefield – When the girls make a variety of movements, they will be able to get a glimpse of the scenery of the skirts. Sprint, emergency evasion, close to attack and crawl forward, and so on, will let girls’ pants and trousers go on the battlefield
  • Notable clothes degradation system – Girl’s costumes are destroyed little by little when attacked by monsters. Each arm, chest, and waist area is durable, and when they are attacked and have no durability, the skin of the girls is exposed. The uniform is bound to destroy, including armor and lobes, and the underwear and bra are also torn and completely destroyed if they are not durable
  • Make the enemy a colleague – Sometimes, besides monsters, you have to fight the girls of another world. Another world girls consider the main character who use modern weapons as a menace to peace, just like monsters. and when they are defeated and resolve the misunderstanding, they become colleagues. Let’s show the taste of the Rangers’ traditional interrogation special session and make friends with girls from another world
  • 360-degree interrogation – The Rangers ‘traditional training’, Interrogation Training is to train girls by using a variety of ceremonies and items. We can support the “double interrogation” of two people as well as the “special inquiry” of one person interrogation training, and we can double our passion to use water guns, fish paste, and condensed milk items. You can also change your camera angle to see what you like. It is possible to identify the weaknesses of girls by using them
  • Kukoro Mode and the Interrogation Gallery – Depending on the combination of the girl being interrogated and the selected interrogation item, the “kukoro mode ” is activated at the start of the interrogation. In “kukoro mode”, the response of the girls being interrogated becomes more intense and the amount of recovery of the interrogation gauge is doubled. In addition, if a gallery is designated prior to the start of the interrogation, the interrogation is conducted with the galleries positioned around the specific subjects during the interrogation. It is not directly involved in the interrogation but it is possible to set up a more diverse range of settings by adding galleries, such as scolding or encouraging the girl being interrogated





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