Blade Arcus Rebellion from Shining for PS4 & NS – Hail and Fight!

Blade Arcus Rebellion from Shining

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Fantasy Fighting Game

Started in 1991 with Shining in the Darkness for Sega Megadrive, the Shining series is still today a very popular one among gamers of all ages. Like in Final Fantasy, also in Shining, each chapter is a stand-alone game however several connections like recurring characters, references, or locations are present to make all the stories more familiar to all the fans. Since the early 90s, Shining series has covered a big amount of different genres. From first-person dungeon crawler like Shining in the Darkness and Shining the Holy Ark to pure strategy titles such as Shining Force Gaiden, passing through Action-RPG and even fighting games! With more than 30 titles; Shining series truly shine in the game industry. Indeed, in 1996 it has been included in the “Top 100 Games of All Time” list of the US magazine New Generation.
Inspiring many other titles such as Vandal Hearts, Bahamut Lagoon, 
Arc the Lad, and many other ones; this series is so popular that also many fans tried to develop their own chapters which can be seen here!

The first fighting version of the series is Blade Arcus from Shining!
Released in Japanese arcades in 2004; this is a 2D anime-style crossover in which the most beloved characters from all chapters fight each other to be crowned as the greatest eternal champion. Set in a fantastic colorful world filled with magic, blades, and obviously incredible fighting styles; Blade Arcus from Shining receive many major updates that can be experienced in the enriched ports entitled Blade Arcus from Shining EX, and Blade Arcus from Shining: Battle Arena.
But from today the new chapter Blade Arcus Rebellion from Shining is finally available only for PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch!

Starring Ryuga, a young warrior that due to his hunger for power joined the darkness, and Pairon, the white maiden capable to exploit the power of blue-white lightning; Blade Arcus Rebellion from Shining for PS4 and Switch is an exciting 2vs2 fighting game. It sees the most powerful warriors of Shining worlds unleash their devastating powers in ruthless death duels!
Featuring a roster of more than 20 fighters, many different game modes including the brand new online battle & skills modes, a fantastic story full with twists and turns, and last but not least a hugely detailed anime-style graphics; this game is the most intense, fastest, and more captivating Shining experience ever. Push your combat and magical abilities to the limit! Discover new hidden treasures that will make your team the strongest one around. Neutralize opponents spells, win all the matches, and get the final reward…the dominion of the universe!

Blade Arcus Rebellion from Shining for PS4 and Switch leaves the players simply breathless…
Learn each move to perfection, if you will not do it, then prepare to be slain. Keep the legend alive digitally or physically; many fighters from around the worlds are honing their techniques.
Only one team will walk away unscathed, the rest will meet certain defeat… don’t miss the chance to win the greatest title a fighter can earn!


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  1. Avatar Silent Warrior says:

    Look, I realize you’re just the retailers, but… It’s definitely telling that there are no characters from pre-PS3 Shining games in this game. Fair enough, there are probably licensing concerns, and Sega and Camelot didn’t part on good terms, but why no Max? Dantares? Julian, who even appeared in two separate games? Peter or Astral from Shining Force 2? Fenrir could pass for a Zylo if you ignore the letters in the name, I suppose.
    Everything Sega has done with the Shining franchise since the split has been spitting in the faces of the fans, taking the series away from solid gameplay and chucking it into the richly populated swamp of hentai “fan service”… (Although, admittedly, Shining Resonance at least wasn’t terrible – credit where credit is due.) Ironically, this might be the best chance we have for seeing the return of Shining games that are actually good. I’ll keep an eye on this game.

    Thanks for mentioning Shining Source, though – I didn’t know that this existed.

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