Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for PS4, XB1 & Steam – Be a true shinobi!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

PlayStation®4, Xbox™One, Steam Ι Genre: Ninja Action Game

Japan is probably the country with the biggest number of supernatural beings!
In various folktales we can easily find how thousands of people get in touch with ghosts, goblins, monsters, and many other creatures not only on land, but also in the middle of the sea, and up in the sky. Especially in the Sengoku Era; a period in which many villages have experienced the horrors of war, a lot of spooky legends flourished among big cities and small towns. Obviously, the majority of them had Ninja warriors as main characters. Perceived themselves as holy knights, in the stories they were these heroes faced various dark forces to bring peace among the whole country for the sake of the people, of the Shogun, and for the Emperor.
Super-strong with abilities beyond normal human capabilities; the Ninja grew in popularity, and many of them are still today renowned as mighty warriors.
For example, figures like Hattori Hanzō, Fūma Kotarō or Ishikawa Goemon have appeared hundreds of books, anime, TV series, and video games.

In Middle-Age Japan, a battle would start only after that the Onmyoji (specialists in magic and divination) checked the lucky day, directions, and time, through complex calculation on lunar and solar phases; due to their importance they were frequently requested by generals also to ask to spirits and gods for the victory, and to have all the soldiers in harmony with the Five Elements. Consider also that normally talismans were engraved on the katana to ensure safety in combat.
In short, Ninja was not only deadly warriors but also a walking magical arsenal, heavily equipped with spells and rituals!

You can witness it in series like Samurai Shodown, Samurai Warriors, and Sengoku Basara. Indeed in all of them, the usage of magic and talismans are very relevant to clear the story in the best way possible. Anyway if you’ve already played at these titles, and you need to delve yourself into a brand new epic old-fashioned story; don’t look further because finally Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for PS4, XB1, and Steam is here!

Starring Sekiro, an elder shinobi at the service of a young boy which is the last heir of an ancient dynasty, this action-adventure game sees you travel far and wide across the country to save him from the dirty hands of Ashina’s Clan leader; who has kidnapped him in order to exploit his prestigious bloodline for political reasons. Thanks to his various supernatural abilities, such as teleportation, psychokinesis, and precognition; Sekiro is the only one who can save the Divine Heir. Featuring a brutal fast-paced katana action gameplay enriched with stealth elements, in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for PS4, XB1, and Steam you’ll walk through large battlefields, enormous castles, and above all fearsome enemies. Keeping traditional From Software’s approach; even this game doesn’t give pardons to anyone.

Get ready to have a real challenge that even if it’ll demands many efforts, in change will give you a lot of satisfaction. This is real Ninja Action! This game gives you the opportunity to perform the deadliest kenjutsu techniques ever created by the masters; rise up and forge a new path for you and the young lord.
Prowl and cut digitally or physically. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for PS4, XB1, and Steam is soaked with Ninja Magic; just remember that only the unseen survive in the savage Sengoku Era!


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