Final Fantasy VII for NS & XB1 – 7 is really a lucky number!

Final Fantasy VII

Nintendo Switch, Xbox™One Ι Genre: FFVII, what else!?

On October 2nd, 1997, a big revolution has affected the gaming and popular culture fields; indeed on that day one of the best RPGs of all time has been released…Final Fantasy VII!
Since its creation, the double F franchise was a Nintendo exclusive, with six chapters released on Famicom and Super Famicom, in 1995 the big N was ready to announce in grad style their new console: the N64, and what’s better to show its incredible characteristics with the tech-demo of the next Final Fantasy chapter?
Entitled Final Fantasy SGI, it was based on the FFVI characters; launched at the same date in Japan, and America, this movie has been calling it a true miracle, starting a new trend in the game industry. But sometimes things don’t go as planned…the big problem for Squaresoft was that the N64 used cartridges, and this support wouldn’t be considered good by them; so one year later Squaresoft with a surprise announcement declared the seventh episode of the saga would be only released on a brand new console which uses CD-ROM, its name was Sony PlayStation. This created a fracture between the two companies, and for many years no Final Fantasy episode wouldn’t appear on a Nintendo console again…
Written by Hironobu Sakaguchi during a delicate stage of his life; Final Fantasy VII tells a story of protection, love, and ecology in a deeply emotional way.

Cloud Strife is a mercenary hired by a resistance band called Avalanche; lead by Barret Wallace, they fight against Shinra Inc.; a mega-corporation that accordingly its official statements “use fear and power to create a better future“. They have the monopoly for extracting Mako from the bowels of Gaia; a liquid form of energy which is commonly used by the people of the whole planet as a power resource. Making huge profits from this; Shinra extraction by extraction drain the planet lifeblood, and to keep their activities under control, this company don’t hesitate to influence people using propaganda news, and in the worst cases to utilize their own army to eliminate any form of dissent. To keep a promise made to a childhood friend; Cloud joins Avalanche to save the planet, and discover the truth behind Sephirot; the most powerful Shinra’s soldier which body has been enhanced with the cells of an alien being called Jenova.

Today, 22 years after its original release this hugely beloved classic cross the PS borders to reach Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One!
Including all the original features who made this a multi-million sold JRPG; Final Fantasy VII for Switch, and XB1 has been enriched by Square-Enix scientists with the brand new 3x Speed Mode, the ability to turn battle encounters off, and an innovative Battle Enhancement Mode. This new edition offers more dynamic and immersive battles; keeping intact its traditional cinematic gameplay system, and the great story who made this game a true masterpiece.

If you never wandered in the industrial city of Midgard, delved in the center of Gaia or have the date of your life in Gold Saucer; well…you absolutely MUST try this once in a lifetime interactive experience who through the years inspired dozens of different RPG such as Kingdom Hearts, Parasite Eve, Xenogears, and many others.

Cloud, Barret, Aeris, Tifa, Cid, and all the memorable cast of Final Fantasy VII waiting for you only digitally on Nintendo Switch, and XB1!
From big motivations come big challenges, the planet needs your help! Join Avalanche, and fight your way to save it from certain destruction; its fate is in your thumbs!


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