Medusa and Her Lover for PSVR – Gorgon Unleashed!

Medusa and Her Lover

PlayStation®VR Ι Genre: Epic VR Adventure Game

With horrible face, hairline made of living, venomous snakes, and a really petrifying gaze; since ancient Greece Medusa is a superstar! Born from the marriage of the primordial gods of the sea Phorkys with Ceto; she belongs to the Gorgon race. Virtually immortal, Medusa is not alone; with her sisters Stheno and Euryale they’ve been turned by Athena into three monsters due to the infamous rape of Medusa from Poseidon inside her temple. Feeling pity for her the Goddess of Reason changed their shapes so that no God could ever harm them again…as one the firsts prominent victim of patriarchy culture; Medusa reputation grown immensely everywhere, becoming the personification of female empowerment. Immortalized by hundreds of artists including Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dalí, Caravaggio, and many other ones; she has been used as the emblem of the Jacobins soon after the French Revolution, and of the feminist movement during the 20th Century!

Nowadays, she can be considered an actual pop-icon; her face can be found practically everywhere, from the clothes of a famous Italian fashion company to many appearances in movies, TV series, and comics. Anyway, the majority of them took her into a modern environment, using Medusa as a personification of a simmering ancestral power who demands to be recognized. If you want to discover the origin of the myth, then you have only one thing to do; play with Medusa and Her Lover for PSVR!

Set in an elegant stylised ancient Greece, in this action game you can control the Gorgon or her loved one; a human boy called Gaios. Using their peculiar skills this dynamic duo will wander far and wide to clear villages, cities, and other unexplored lands from the yoke of the gods who have populated the earth with a lot of dangerous creatures.
Become the sacrifice for the sake of humanity. In Medusa and Her Lover for PSVR the key of success is within you; so set off on this epic journey, equip your weapons, and then go on your adventures. Providing a unique experience with heart and soul; this game is truly a piece of art.

Featuring an enthralling touching story, and wonderful graphics in this VR adventure catapult yourself into a vivid world in which you must care about the characters, digging deeply to unveil their true nature.  Mixing action, exploration, and puzzle mechanics you’ll be called to interact with your loved one to proceed in the quest; in short, this game offers you things that no other game can offers.

If you’re looking for something original who subverts common gaming experiences, then the digital-only Medusa and Her Lover for PSVR is the title for you.
Due to its emotional weight; this one is a new classic that any gamers absolutely could not miss. Get ready to have a petrifying experience that will change forever the way you look at games!


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